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12 things to know before visiting the USA

Travellers from all over the world come to the United States to experience its many natural beauties and metropolitan cities. The nation features some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes on earth, ranging from snow-capped mountains and enormous deserts to lush Caribbean jungles and beaches. Let’s also remember the country’s infamous concrete jungles. 

The following list of 12 US travel planning tips will assist you in creating your ideal holiday, said noted US visitor visa consultancies in Hyderabad.

1. You Need an ESTA or Tourist Visa to Enter the USA

Travellers entering the USA must be informed of and comprehend the criteria. The US Visa Waiver Program, commonly known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, allows citizens of these 39 countries to visit the US visa-free for up to 90 days (ESTA).

2. Verify the validity of your passport

Your passport must still be valid for at least six months when you travel to enter the USA. Furthermore, ensure your passport is valid for the entire vacation period.

3. Recognize the US Culture of Tipping

All types of services are expected to be tipped in the US, including cab drivers, delivery, valet, porters, room service, and most importantly, wait staff and bartenders. 15% to 20% is the standard tipping range. 

4. US is considerably bigger than you realize

With an area of 9.83 million square kilometres, the US is the third-largest country in the world, and because of its different landscapes and vibrant culture, each of the 50 states is a separate nation. 

5. Visit at Least One National Park Without Failure

Despite being known for its thriving metropolis, the United States also includes National Parks that offer a healthy balance of wildlife and stunning beauty. The United States has gathered an excellent collection of national parks, flora, fauna, and outdoor experiences, with 62 protected places.

6. Create a plan for your trip to the USA

Given the size of the USA, you should plan your vacation appropriately and get your US tourist visa from US visit visa agencies in Hyderabad well in advance. You could extend your trip if you have a few weeks and fly to the opposite coast or arrange a car trip through multiple states.

7. Do a road trip or overland adventure

There are a lot of beautiful sites and odd roadside sights you may discover and enjoy between several of the USA’s far-flung towns. This is one of the main factors contributing to the popularity of road trips and overland travel in the US.

8. Separately reserve your domestic and international flights

Flying is your most excellent alternative if you move quickly between faraway cities.

9. Be Prepared to Pay More Than Is Displayed

In contrast to most other nations, the sales tax is not included in the prices listed at supermarkets, stores, restaurants, motels, or any other establishment. State sales taxes range from 7% to 11.5% in each state, which one should be aware warned US visit visa agencies in Hyderabad.  

10. Travel without travel insurance is not permitted

Any vacation requires travel insurance, which is especially crucial while visiting the US. Additionally, it’s a plus if your insurance provides trip cancellation protection in the event of flight delays and other unforeseen circumstances.

11. Visit the Islands if You Can

There are several beautiful islands in Hawaii and Puerto Rico that, in contrast to the typical perception of the United States, give you the impression that you’re in another nation.

12. Always keep cash on hand

In terms of digital payment choices, despite the US’s claims to the contrary, it still lags behind many European and South American nations.

Additional quick tips:

● To contact emergency services in the US, dial 911.

● Only three nations in the world—including the US—use the imperial system. Miles, pounds, and Fahrenheit are the three units of measurement for distance, weight, and temperature respectively.

● Driving should always be done on the right side of the road.

● The US has six different time zones. When planning flights and airport transportation, it’s vital to be aware of the time zone that your destination is in to avoid unnecessary mis timings according to US visitor visa agencies in Hyderabad.