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Australia and Canada deny visas to Indians due to fake papers

Australia And Canada Deny Visas to Indians Due to Fake Papers

The recent discovery of over 3,000 cases of fake paperwork by Canada and Australia High Commissions in India has led to widespread concern about the large number of Indian immigrants using fake papers to gain entry into the countries. 

The Indian government, which instituted an investigation, is still examining all applications which have been denied entry into Canada and Australia since 2012, with no official word yet on what caused the unusually high number of denials. Below could be the reasons as per experts.

Faked Degrees

National Academic Depository revealed that 3,000 cases of faked degrees had been discovered. This is a cause for concern for both Canada and Australia, who have both recently refused visas to Indian citizens. 

The reasons for the refusal are due to the high number of fakes, as well as the potential for terrorist activity. Both countries are taking measures to prevent future visa fraud, but in the meantime, Indian citizens will need to be extra careful when applying for a visa to either country cautioned Australia visa consultants in Hyderabad.

Exaggerated Skills

When it comes to job hunting, it’s important to make sure your skills are up to par. However, what if your skills aren’t as great as you claim? Fake degrees is the easy but riskiest way out said a Canada visa agent in Hyderabad.

Fraudulent Work Experience

It has been discovered that fraudulent work experience has been submitted by Indian citizens applying for a visa to work in Canada or Australia. The discovery was made after an investigation found that many of the documents submitted were either forged or contained false information.

Fake Job Offers

This influx of 3,000 cases is also due to provision of fake job offers being sent to India by both Canadian and Australian companies. Consulates are receiving offer letter that are fake. The sudden rise in such tendency is either the people in these countries are trying to overstay or are trying to enter these countries with the help of these fake job appointment letters. 

This situation has created significant delays in processing times for both countries. As a result, Canada and Australia have implemented new measures to screen Indian visa applicants more carefully.

Bogus References

Canada and Australia have recently refused many Indian visa applications on the grounds of fake references and sponsorships. It is becoming increasingly common for people to turn to this method. This puts an immense strain on the resources of these countries as they have to investigate each case individually. Not only does this take up valuable time and money, but it also causes delays for those who are legitimate visa applicants. In some cases, it may even lead to people being turned away from entering the country altogether.

Cracking Down on PTE Admissions 

The PTE test is an English proficiency exam required by many countries for visa purposes and even this is under radar. and is causing many students and working professionals to worry about their ability to obtain a visa in the future.

After over 3,000 cases of fraudulent paperwork were discovered by officials in Canada and Australia situations are tough sighed away a renowned Canada and Australia visa consultant in Hyderabad. Both countries are forced to reconsider their travel policies with regard to Indian nationals, and raised questions about the effectiveness of India’s law enforcement and immigration officers. 

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