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Here’s Your Information If You Want To Attend Universities In Italy

Italy—the most beautiful, developed and educational center for ages with some of the oldest universities, such as the University of Bologna. Besides, the country’s student discounts, plenty of bachelor’s degrees, and stunning and diverse landscapes. With all these, it is no wonder why you may wish to study in Italy, but how? This blog will explain all these besides how to get your Italy study from your visa education consultancies in Hyderabad. 

What is D Visa?

If you are an Indian student, you will require a D National Visa to study in Italy. This visa is for students like you who dream of starting their study abroad experience in Italy. 

How long would it take me to receive my visa?

Make sure to give your visa application extra time. The Italian D National Visa application process can begin as soon as you have been approved and enrolled in the University of your choosing. You should apply at least three months before your university degree programme starts. You should plan on waiting for the outcome for roughly 90 days after submitting your application.

What are the primary procedures for obtaining an Italian student visa?

To obtain a student visa, Indian students must complete the following steps:

● An appointment to apply for a visa can be made over the phone with an Indian visa application centre. Take your application materials so they may take your biometrics.

● Biometric data will be required from Indian students when applying for visas. Your biometrics are essentially additional forms of identification (like fingerprints and photos), which nations utilize for security.

● During the application procedure, you must appear at a visa interview.

The Italian D National Visa is good for a maximum of three months. You may need to renew your visa annually from any Italy study visa consultancies in Hyderabad to stay for the duration of your degree programme. After receiving your degree, you must apply for a new visa or a visa renewal with the immigration office if you plan to stay in Italy.

What will the cost of the student visa be?

In addition, there is a 50 EUR application cost for the Italian D National Visa. Italian authorities may let you pay this amount in one of three ways, depending on your circumstances: online, in person at an Indian visa application centre, or by bank transfer.

For the Italian visa, Indian students won’t need to purchase health insurance, but a service charge of 13 EUR is levied on you. You must apply for a residency permit after arriving in Italy and pay an additional EUR 30.

What paperwork will I require to obtain a student visa?

One of the most crucial things you must demonstrate when applying for a visa is your ability to support yourself while enrolled in your course of study. You must demonstrate that you have 350 EUR accessible from an outside source or already in your bank account in Italy.

To enroll in an international institution in Italy, Indian students won’t need to demonstrate that they speak English fluently enough. Still, it would be easy, if you could, to succeed in your lessons. Besides, Indian students won’t have to undergo a medical examination before travelling to Italy. There is no requirement for Indian students to open a Restricted Bank Account. All these make Italy a good country to study, concludes Italy study visa consultancy in Hyderabad

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