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How Canada Visa Consultants In Hyderabad Can Help You

Canada has always been an excellent choice for everyone like students, workers and tourists. This beautiful and opportunistic nation has always been the top ranked nation every year across the globe due to its high standards. It attracts people from all across the world for various purposes. 

With that said, its no later than now that you pick the best Canada visa immigration consultants, Hyderabad and get your dream back on track.

Things you should have with you when visiting the Canada Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

Although the officials at the Canada Visa Consultants in Hyderabad are accommodating, you need to carry some documents with you to ensure you get done with the formalities in one go. The requirements for a Canadian visa for different categories are given as under:

  • Have a valid travel document like Passport
  • A bank proof or something relevant to prove you will not run out of funds during your period of stay in the country.
  • Complete the given form correctly with the correct information
  • The other documents vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Other documents required for the various types of visas

  1. If you are applying for a temporary resident visa: You must have the Letter of invitation or medical exam certificate.
  2. If you are applying for a student visa, you must show the Letter of acceptance to a particular Canadian University for which you are traveling.
  3. If you are applying for the work permits, you will have to produce the offer letter from the company you will join when you are in Canada.

Steps to applying for a Canadian Visa

One needs to follow a few basic steps to get their permits successfully. 

  • Fill the application from CIC website and get the checklist of all the documents you need to provide.
  • Fill out the required forms, if any and upload your documents.
  • Sometimes there are canvases where people are unable to provide the required documents. In that scenario, you can write a cover letter and include it with your application.
  • Following that, you can proceed to pay the fees. The procedure and instructions are detailed on the website of the Canada.
  • You can submit the application online or If you choose to submit your application through the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), whether by mail or in person, by visiting their office, you must also pay CVAC service fees.
  • Keep your Passport, photographs, required documents, and completed application forms on hand. All these documents are needed while submitting online or at the CVAC.
  • There will be a service charge that includes tax which you need to pay to complete the application process.
  • A receipt with a tracking number will be issued to you if you are submitting the application at CVAC. You will be able to monitor the progress of your application online.

 Conclusion Follow these steps as mentioned to enjoy a completely hassle-free journey. Get in touch by filling the form with Visa Tech Overseas, a Canada Visa Consultant in Hyderabad to ensure you get all the services you are paying for.

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