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How To Find An Employer Who Can Sponsor You A Tier 2 Visa

Amongst the European countries, the UK lists the top as far as working is concerned. But working in the UK is not easy for people who are not from an EU or EEA nation. Such people need a Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from an employer in the UK however, not every employer in the UK has permission to give a CoS to overseas employees. It is because UK companies must establish to the UK Home Office that they can meet up its conditions if they want to support foreign workers.

Apart from this, there are also many other rules to work in the UK which you can know from UK immigration services consultancy in Hyderabad

Now, let us know in detail how to find a Tier 2 visa sponsor employer in the UK

To find one of such capacity, visit the ‘Register of Sponsors Licensed Under the Points-based System’ that is open to everyone. It will have the list of every employer who has a permit to sponsor or fund international employees. In the register, one can find info regarding the below:

Name of the firm

Its place

Tier and sub-tier of the visa an organization can sponsor

Ranking of the company

Once you have gathered the information now focus on how to improve your prospects of receiving a Tier 2 sponsorship job in the UK

See if your work is on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL): The SOL is circulated by the government of the UK, and it has the listing of professions having a scarcity of professionals. This list will reveal the skills that are in demand. These demanded skills will have more jobs and work chances. The list is updated regularly by keeping track of the talent scarcities within the nation.

Present corona and Brexit have increased the SOL percentage so get in touch with UK work visa providers as soon as possible. 

Check for professions that are highly in demand: A few professions not essentially in the SOL list will also be in superior demand, say, for instance, temporary labourers in the farming sector. Fields like the service sector and manufacturing industries are also having a shortage of workers. Healthcare workers are also in high demand. In simple words, there is no dearth of jobs for the ones who really want a job. 

Take the aid of recruitment agencies in the area: You can contact UK jobs recruitment agencies in Hyderabad and other areas to get a job in the UK & Ireland. A few of these agencies are directly associated with UK companies to fill their positions while some others may be focusing on filling special positions with global employees. You will have more chances of landing a job in the UK with such recruiters. UK job visa providers will also share your profiles and guide you on the interview process. 

Check for fresh graduates’ positions: If have just gotten your graduate degree focus on graduate jobs since many UK companies look for such people. However, you should start focusing on this right from the final year of your degree. When you do so, you will get an added advantage. Focus on learning some extra skills and mastering languages including English and others for a better scope. 

Use online job search websites: There are many job websites that are purely serving jobs in the UK. Focus on such websites to get the latest updates and other tips to make your job search easier. Make an advanced search for employers who focus on people outside the EEA and EU. 

Also, ensure you are active on social media platforms as these are the new gateways for job listings. Ensure your keyword search is ‘on’ to get notifications about all the latest jobs in the UK and other European nations. 

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