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Key Things To Remember For Germany Job Seeker Visa

If you have skills and are planning to settle down in Germany, you require a standard work permit. Read on to know about the documents you need and other procedure routines to get your Germany work visa consultant in Hyderabad

All about Germany job seeker scheme

The Germany job seeker visa is a program initiated by the German Federal government. It encourages qualified individuals to settle in Germany and find their dream job. An individual can apply for jobs in Germany with this visa. 

Total cost for Germany job seeker visa

Visa Fee: About INR 6200 approx or € 75

Documents Verification Fees: About INR 30,00

Processing time to get a German job seeker visa

According consulate’s general rule, It takes 4 to 6 Weeks to process German job seeker visa. However, the processing time also depends upon how quickly you submit your documents.

Steps required to apply for Germany job seeker visa

# Fill out The Application Form:  Don’t forget to print and sign at the end of the application.

# Book Your Appointment: After application filling, book an appointment with the German embassy, this may take 3 Months. 

# Required Documents: Next gather all the required documents as per the checklist. 

Note: Keep the documents either in English or German language. 

# Pay The Fees & submit the application: Reach out to the embassy office on your appointment day, pay the fees and ensure you carry all the necessary documents for submission. 

Note: You will receive a receipt for your application process, keep it safely.

Eligibility criteria for Germany job seeker visa

● A Bachelor’s or higher degree in subjects related to STEM (From any reputed university)

● Minimum 5 Years of work experience in any occupation which are highly demanding in the German labor market.

● Sufficient funds to prove that you can stay easily in Germany.

● You must have Medical Coverage plan for the entire duration of your stay in Germany.

Checklist you should prepare before applying for Germany job seeker visa: 

● Completed German job seeker visa application form

● Valid Passport

● Photocopy of the passport data page

● 3 passport size photos

● Cover letter

● Updated Resume

● Academic qualification documents

● Proof of Accommodations

● Proof of Medical Insurance for your entire duration

● Proof of your financial resources

What’s next when an individual gets a job in 6 months on job seeker visa?

When any person gets a job within 6 months then they are eligible for applying for the employment resident permit. 

This can be done in 2 ways:

1) EU Blue Card: The eligibility criteria for applying EU Blue Card is that the person must have an employment offer of 44,800 euros per year or must have at least 34,999 Euros salary per year.

2) Employment Resident Permit: Here, mostly employer will sponsor your permit. After 5 years, you are eligible for applying for a permanent residence permit. You can also get your family member by applying for a family reunion Long Term Visa. 

Get assistance on these visas from Germany employment visa consultancy in Hyderabad. 

Tips to find a good job in Germany in 2022

● Try to learn the german language, especially when you belong to an engineering background.

● Talk to an expert and prepare your resume as well as the descriptive cover letter.

● Try to show your 2-3 experiences in MNCs

● Prepare yourself for the interview and do your homework to know about the company brief.

Does this type of visa help me to find a job contract in 6 months?

Yes, this type of visa helps anyone to find a job in Germany because the aim to introduce a job seeker visa is to let candidates flow into the country and let employers screen personally and let them choose a suitable candidate. 

Can I extend my job seeker visa if in case I am not getting any job offer?

The job seeker visa is valid for only 6 months and only extends when you get a job. However, it is the very least possibility of not finding a job in 6 months. If in case you don’t get a job then you have to leave the country before the date of visa expiry without fail says a noted Germany work visa consultant in Hyderabad.