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Know how the new policy is making it easy to get Canada visa

The Canadian government has stated that about 180,000 applicants for temporary and permanent residents currently in the nation will not be required to complete medical exams.

Immigration medical examinations are not required for candidates for permanent and temporary residency who are currently in Canada and meet specific requirements, according to Sean Fraser, minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship in Canada.

“This new measure will help provide faster processing and will benefit more than 180,000 applicants in Canada,” Sean Fraser said in a tweet.

He also tweeted, “Improving and strengthening our immigration system benefits us all. As of today, permanent and temporary residence applicants who are already in Canada and meet certain criteria are exempt from immigration medical examinations.”

The interim policy exempts select low-risk, in-Canada foreign nationals from submitting an immigration medical examination (IME) as part of their application to speed up application processing and makes it easier for foreign nationals to obtain temporary or permanent resident status. So, this can be best bet time to get your Canada study visa or Canada work visa from Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has implemented a temporary public policy that exempts some low-risk, in-Canada foreign nationals from submitting an immigration medical examination (IME) as part of their application if their prior IME has expired, according to a notice published in the official government journal and this will encourage quicker application processing to aid qualified foreign nationals in obtaining temporary or permanent residence status as soon as possible.

The revised policy will apply to new or pending applications from Canadian citizens for permanent or temporary residency or a permanent resident visa, as well as to individuals who have passed an immigration medical examination during the previous five years.

To qualify for this exemption, foreign nationals must have:

1. A fresh or pending application for a permanent resident visa, permanent residency, or temporary residence submitted from within Canada.

2. Completed a recent immigration medical examination, posed no risk to public health or safety, or, as needed, reported to public health authorities for monitoring.

However, when filing a new application, applicants must still include the specific medical identification number from their prior medical examination. The policy is valid through October 6, 2024.

Applicants ineligible under this interim public policy must go through an IME, just like they would for a standard health screening. IRCC will contact those not qualified for the exemption to discuss their options.

Currently, as part of the Immigration Levels Plan 2022–2024, IRCC aims to target about 432,000 new permanent residents.

On July 31, Canadian immigration officers were dealing with about 2.4 million applications, with 1.3 million exceeding the service requirement, according to the IRCC website, which offers monthly updates on the number of applications in the system.

Less than half, or 41%, of those 1.4 million applications—or those for temporary residence—were submitted within the allotted time for the service requirement.

For the 639,500 applications for permanent residence, where 47% were within the service level, the situation was slightly better.

Every year, the IRCC publishes a new plan that details the estimated number of immigrants Canada expects to receive over the next three years and further breaks down each immigration category and program.

The Immigration Levels Plan’s express entry goal for 2022 is 55,900 new permanent residents. Canada has accepted just over 28,000 new permanent residents through Express Entry programs between January and August 31 so you can be the one in the remaining numbers if you apply now for Canada visa from Canada visa consultants in Hyderabad.

$85m funding was done to cut back on application backlogs. 

The financing “builds on the work already done to minimise wait times, including the hiring of more processing workers, digitizing applications, and introducing technology-based solutions such as digital input and advanced analytics,” said Canada immigration officer. 

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