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Reasons Why You Need to Opt for U.K Universities

The United Kingdom is well-known for its long history of openness to people of all cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Because of this warm welcome, international students feel quite at home in the U.K.

Students like you will have a wonderful time in Great Britain and will never forget their time here fondly because of the friendly people and the excellent education they received, as per U.K. study visa consultants in Hyderabad

Why Choose the United Kingdom as Your Study Abroad Destination?

Why is the United Kingdom a better option for higher education than other countries? Fifteen British countries are represented in Q.S.’s list of the Best Student Cities for 2023. This exemplifies why many foreign and Indian students want to study in the United Kingdom. 

On top of that, there are more than 164 higher education institutions in the country. Q.S. World University Ranking 2023 ranks 89 out of 1300 universities. This means students can set their sights on university education in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the colleges provide fantastic programs, campus life, educational excellence, financial aid, prospects for part-time work, and post-graduation employment.

10 Excellent Reasons to Attend a British University

There are many reasons for Indian students to choose the United Kingdom as their study abroad destination, from excellent educational institutions to the thriving multiethnic community. Look at the top ten benefits the United Kingdom offers overseas students.

● Superb Performance in the Classroom

● Flexibility

● Reputation and High Standards Guaranteed

● Research

● Post-study Employment Possibilities

● Different cultures

● Cost-Effective Learning

● Knowledge of Languages at the Highest Standard

● Cost-Free Access to Medical Care

Price of Living in the United Kingdom

● U.K. Housing Options for Students

International students typically spend their first year at the university’s hall residence. Many colleges and universities provide dorms with and without meal plans. The rental price already incorporates the cost of the food service. In their later years of school, many students move into rented apartments together or independently. A university dorm or other shared housing arrangement is the most cost-effective option.

One survey from 2017’s National Student Accommodation Survey found that students pay an average of 125 pounds per week in rent. It is worth noting, however, that the cost of living in London is far higher than everywhere else in the United Kingdom. A student in London should expect to pay between 185 and 190 Pounds per week for housing expenditures. The cost of internet and other utilities typically adds another £70-£80 per month.

●    Food Prices in the United Kingdom

A weekly food budget of 30 pounds is about average. Once in a while, you and your pals could treat yourself to a night out at a local bar or restaurant. It would cost you around £12–£15 for a single lunch and up to £30 for a night out (if you’re going somewhere except London).

●    Transportation cost

Include your weekly transportation costs, which might be as much as £10 if you live far from campus. Textbooks and supplementary readings: Books and other course materials, which vary from lecture-based to laboratory-based coursework, might cost an additional 30 GBP each month on top of tuition costs. In addition to the prices mentioned above, there are recurrent ones for things like a mobile phone and clothing. The average monthly cost of a mobile phone bill is 15 pounds. Clothing and other miscellaneous necessities could add another 35-55 GBP to your monthly budget.

These in crisp, are the reasons why the U.K. could be the best bet for your studies. You can learn more about such details from any U.K. study visa consultants in Hyderabad.