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Why do Indian Students Prefer Ireland for Studying?

Ireland has been referred to as the “land of saints and academics” because of its renowned colleges and universities. So it is a destination that appeals to many international students, including Indians. Several Irish programs are listed among the top 10 in the world for computer sciences, Master of Science (MS), business management, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. In fact, MS degrees from Ireland guarantee greater employment prospects in any nation on earth. Other significant advantages of studying in Ireland, such as the chances for high part-time employment, and lower cost of living for overseas students, also influence students’ decision to choose this nation for their academic endeavours. 

a. A GRE score is not necessary for the pupils.

Ireland is a popular destination for students because there is no need to submit a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score. Suppose you have a strong academic background, consistent results, and good scores in IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE; you can get your Ireland education visa from Ireland student visa consultancy in Hyderabad

b. The kids are not subjected to discrimination because of the educational disparity

For promising pupils, the education gap may not be a hurdle in reality. Ireland’s educational system does not hamper the entrance process for students with academic gaps. They are easily admitted to universities and colleges if they can provide valid, practical explanations for the time gap, and their prior academic records are commendable.

c. Indian students pay less to study in Ireland.

Ireland is quite inexpensive for Indian students to study in comparison to other countries across the world (around INR 8-14 lakhs a year).

d. Numerous scholarships are available.

The fact that Ireland offers some extremely significant scholarships to worthy students is another fantastic perk of studying there (This includes the scholarships for Indian students as well). The government annually awards scholarships to 60 students at the cost of about 10,000 euros. If Indian students are awarded these scholarships, their cost factor is significantly decreased quoted Ireland study visa consultancy in Hyderabad.

e. The one-year master’s program 

The one-year course length for the same is the main factor for Ireland’s high number of business-management and master’s degree students. The students get a degree in a significantly shorter amount of time, thus lowering the overall cost of education.

f. superior education

The universities in this area are ranked in the top 3% of all universities worldwide.

g. easy to obtain a visa

It’s easy to apply for a student visa for Ireland. As soon as you receive confirmation from the school or university that you have been accepted, you should begin the visa application procedure. At least three months before the intended date of travel to Ireland, students can apply for an Ireland student visa from any Ireland student visa consultant in Hyderabad. The entire procedure will go more quickly and smoothly if they always double-check the relevant documents included on the checklist.

h. Opportunities for part-time work

In Ireland, there are chances for students to work part-time. According to recent figures, Ireland has roughly 4,00,000 part-time workers who work about 20 hours per week, enabling the students to work as they learn. Their living expenses in Ireland are also covered, helping them get work experience.

i. Being a citizen of one of the most extraordinary nations

It has been demonstrated that the ambience, milieu, and atmosphere significantly impact student motivation. And if they come to Ireland to study, they will benefit from the top universities and the natural beauty of this place. Not to mention how much more comfortable it is to remain and study here thanks to technological advancement.

j. accepted anywhere on the globe

Worldwide recognition of Irish university and college degrees. These are regarded as some of the top certificate programs worldwide.

Indian student’s tuition costs in Ireland

The final cost of tuition for a student will be entirely determined by the sort of program, prerequisites, and institution they choose. Compared to fields like medical, engineering, and business management, the costs of courses in the humanities, education, and the arts are far lower.

Here is a small list: 

Study program Average tuition fee per year

Undergraduate €9,000 to €26,000

Postgraduate €9,000 to €35,000

Doctoral €9,000 to €40,000