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Why Studying in Italy is a Great Option for Indian Students?

When you think of studying in Europe what comes to your mind is it the UK, then it is time you should also think of other nations such as Italy. Well, although the UK may be a good option, Italy too isn’t a bad option. Studying in Italy gives you a degree as well as provides you chances to see some of the best amazing historical places and creations in Europe. If you have a thorough knowledge of English and have the zeal to learn Italian, then Italy is one of the best countries to study in Europe.

Not convinced, then here are the reasons to study in Italy.

1. Lot top-notch universities with the remarkable international environment

This country is one of the most renowned international study locations in Europe and the world. The study environment buzzes with a high multicultural atmosphere. Besides, it has many fine private and public universities.

The University of Bologna, which is a high-status institution is also the beginner of the present Western higher education system in Europe. Besides, it is also the oldest university in the European continent. Apart from this, Bologna welcomes foreign students with open hands. Every year, students from different countries find their luck in this city.

The other superior public universities in Italy include Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, University of Siena, University of Pavia and University of Padua. To know more about other universities and education systems in Italy contact Italy study visa consultants Hyderabad.

2. Italy is also a reasonable nation for global students

According to Italy education consultants in Hyderabad this nation is just affordable for all studies and students of all countries. The cost of living, tuition fees are all within budget.

Average education for many degrees: 850 to 1,000 EUR/year

Average living expenditures: 700 to 1,000 EUR/month for accommodation, food, transport and fun

3. Easy methods to commute the country

Many Italy visa immigrants in Hyderabad feel every public transportation is affordable be it by bus or train. You need a very little amount to spend. All the cities in which international students are located are connected perfectly. This connectivity includes both European and non-European nations. There is also good airport connectivity. All these make travelling easy for students.

4. So many degrees in English to choose from

Italy gives you all the study programmes from computer science to arts and that too they are taught in English. This is the best benefit of studying in Italy for Indian students. Check and choose your program of interest that is taught in English in Italy. Best options include International Relations, MBAs, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture and Fashion Design.

One has to pass about 20 examinations to successfully get a degree (about eight exams in every academic year) and the majority of them are verbal exams. In a few specialised disciplines like engineering and medicine, one has to pass through 40 to 50 exams.

Since many are verbal exams, passing through the tests is easy. Besides, these types of exams will make your communication skills brighter.

5. Late night work options

In other southern European countries, life comes to standstill around 8 p.m. but in Italy, the scenario is different. Starting from 8 in the evening streets become fuller and life becomes booming. So, as a student, you have more chances to work after your college hours. You have more working options for students in Italy.

Know more about work rules for students in Italy from Italy study visa counsellor.

6. The ludicrous graduation ritual

Graduate students in Italy must go through an extremely hilarious ritual. Following the official formality, students must dress up in crazy clothes (generally a huge diaper, a hula miniskirt, or a witty hat), be seated on a bench and wait for their family and friends to mess them up with either egg, ketchup, or other foodstuffs. Students even hang posters demonstrating caricatures with an uncomfortable tale of their contemporaries.

Looks all fun and meaningful right? So, if you are thinking to land in Italy to study then, contact Visa Tech Overseas, an Italy visa consultants in Hyderabad.

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