Canada PR Visa

Canada PR Visa

Canada PR Visa Process

Do you intend to stay, work and live in Canada then select Visa Tech Overseas, one of the top-rated and trusted Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad, India, and then make your immigration plans? 

Due to consistency in the economy and safety, Canada is consistently the top choice for many talented professionals looking for a brighter future. One way to break through into this land of opportunities is a Canada PR visa. You can get yours through Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad if you are a competent professional looking to immigrate to Canada and explore your job options. 

What is a PR visa for Canada?

Professionals who match the criteria set forth by the Canadian government are granted the Canada PR visa, also known as the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. The non-citizens who are granted this visa status are free to travel, live, and work anywhere in the nation. Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad can be contacted for obtaining detailed information on this.

How an Indian citizen can obtain a permanent resident visa for Canada?

One of the most popular immigration statuses for candidates is Permanent Residency in Canada as it guarantees several perks and professional chances. Below is how you get your Canada PR visa.

●      Eligibility Verification: At this point, the Canada immigration advisors will gather information about your age, education, employment history, language proficiency, etc. to confirm your eligibility for a Canada PR visa.

●      Processing Educational Credential Assessment: The Canadian immigration advisors will process Educational Credential Assessment after confirming your eligibility for Canada PR.

●      Express Entry Profile Creation: The next step is to create an express entry profile online. Your information is filled out in this phase to create your profile. The candidate must give accurate information.

●      ITA documents: ITA stands for the invitation to apply. Candidates who have strong qualifying requirements and satisfy the standards established by Canada immigration are likely to receive invitations.

●      Visa application submission: The next step is to submit a visa application after receiving the ITA. One can easily get this done by getting in touch with one of our knowledgeable Canada immigration advisors.

●      Medical and Character Certificates: Without medical and character certificates, the immigration process cannot be finished. The best Canada immigration advisors can provide thorough help from the start of the visa procedure to its completion.

●      Stamping of the visas: Processing the visas at this stage effectively results in the approval of the PR visa.

How long does it take to obtain a PR visa for Canada?

Actually, there isn’t a set amount of time that may be taken into account for the Canada immigration process. However, there is a great chance of receiving an ITA sooner if you meet the strictest qualifying requirements or possess the necessary skills for the Canadian labour market. The processing period for a Canada PR visa might, however, range from 8 to 12 months in general. Additionally, depending on the candidate’s profile, it may be considerably longer. But Visa Tech Overseas, your trusted Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad will make sure it takes lesser time for their clients to obtain a PR visa for Canada.

How much does a PR visa for Canada cost?

Paying for the primary member’s visa as well as the dependents who intend to move with him or her is necessary to process a Canada PR visa from India. The general charge schedule is as follows:

● Visa for the main applicant 1450CAD for a fee with the option of permanent residency

● Primary Applicant Visa Fee without the Ability to Reside Permanently 850CAD.

● 1450CAD for a spouse with a permanent residency permit

850CAD for a spouse without a visa for permanent residency

● 230 CAD for a dependent child under 22 years

In addition to these, there are several other fee requirements, including those for medical exams, the ECA, the IELTS, etc. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with the top Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad to have a full overview or understanding of the Canadian PR visa fee structure. Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad will help throughout in understanding fee-related divisions and expenditure for a PR visa.

How can I determine my eligibility for a PR visa to Canada?

The point-based immigration system used by Canada requires a skilled professional to receive at least 67 points on the PR point calculator. Therefore, consulting knowledgeable Canada immigration consultants is the best approach to confirm your eligibility to apply for a PR visa to Canada.

Please feel free to contact the professionals of Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad for additional details.