Why Germany

Why Germany

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Why Germany ?

Germany with its booming economy, It has shortage of skilled workers across many verticals and industries. Germany is one of the leading economies in Europe and there are many opportunities welcoming for jobs. The jobs market in Germany is more dynamic as there’s a shortage of skilled workers especially in Information Technology, Automotive and Mechanical Industry.

  • Germany is accommodating Nine million foreigners to work or study. This country is the 2nd most popular destination in the world, after the United States.         
  • Germany economy is the largest national economy in EU and the fourth-largest in the world.
  • The jobs market in Germany is more dynamic specifically for engineering, IT, Manufacturing & Automotive sectors.

Good jobs and with attractive salaries, a clean environment, low crime rates compared to other countries, lots of leisure-time and cultural attractions, good public transport which is very comfortable for all the economic classes. People migrate to Germany because of many reasons, but probably the most important ones are strong economic and welfare system.

  • Unemployment is very low and getting a job is much easier in Germany.
  • Great salary(salaries in Germany are higher than other countries due to good currency), great benefits and access/travel to all of European Union (28 countries) after you get your visa.
  • Germany Recruitment Agencies : Due to plenty of jobs, agencies will make you finding a job easier in Germany, there are some really useful German recruitment agencies that can vastly increase your chances of ending up an employee at a German company.