Denmark Education

Denmark Education

Denmark Study Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

There are many good reasons for Indian students to choose Denmark as their study destination. Standing true to its long costume for degree programs, Denmark has a well-assisted and lively learning environment for global students. Coming to lifestyle also, it has been voted the 2nd happiest country in the world, so what more do we need to be part of Denmark’s world-class and promising study structure apart from getting a Denmark study visa from Denmark study visa consultants in Hyderabad?

Why is Denmark good for Indian students?   

Denmark values international students who are not only skilled in between the classrooms but are also skilled outside; as such Indian students have more chances of excelling here. Its education system discusses practicality, following the theory that Indian students are masters. 

Denmark is also famous for its high standard of living and free-of-cost world-class education in Europe, making it a good fit for Indian pupils. Danish Universities believe in problem-based learning and make students qualified for industry requirements. Most of its programs are taught in English, another asset for Indian learners. Denmark also has great opportunities for part-time jobs, especially for immigrant students, and has great social security schemes and a free health care system. 

If all these make you eager to get a Denmark study visa, we, Visa Tech Overseas can help you in the process.

Danish Green card scheme-your easy entry

For immigrant students to study and work in Denmark, they need a ‘residence permit’ rather than a study visa, unlike in other countries. One of the most prospective visa categories that allow one to study and work in Denmark is the Danish Green Card Scheme. Danish even has a selection system like other countries where one has to score at least 100 points on the test based on age, language skills, work experience, education and adaptability, etc. If you are through this, then your visa is on the cards. You can take assistance from Denmark study visa consultants in Hyderabad and make your process easier and swifter. 

Advantages of Denmark Green Card Scheme

This visa allows you to procure a ‘residence permit’ valid for up to 18months, which can later be extended. Furthermore, you can bring along an immediate family with you.

Immigrant students can work anywhere in the European Union. If you are aforethought travelling to countries that belong to the Schengen area, you are allowed to do so without visa permission. Procuring a Danish green card offers the same rights for your family also. You will be able to get the ‘residence permit’ status in 7 years and be accepted as a permanent resident in the country. This visa doesn’t need you to have a job offer before applying. So, all these, in a way, are beneficial for you to study, work, settle and roam hassle-free. Contact Denmark study visa agents in Hyderabad for further information. 

What is the right time to apply for a student visa?

The prime time to start applying for the ‘residence permit’ is four months before your arrival date, considering how your documents need to be signed, sealed, delivered, and not to mention biometric submission. The processing time and overall duration depend on an individual nationality, the time taken by you to respond to additional information and the time taken by authorities to verify the additional information submitted by you.

Requirements to get Denmark study visa 

● Apart from scoring 100 points, you must have a valid health insurance policy.

● You must have an ST-1 students visa application form

● A certificate of language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS, etc.

● A letter of acceptance from the university applied.

● Proof related to lodging arrangements during your studies.

● An acknowledgement receipt of payment from the college you have applied for.

● 6 white background passport size photographs

● Colored photocopies of educational documents.

● Scan copy of all pages of passport.

What is the standard cost of study and living in Denmark?

On Average, one should expect to spend around €750 to €900 a month and up to €1,200 in Copenhagen. This measure of monthly expenses can be slightly tough on the budget you will have to demonstrate. You can contact any of the Denmark study visa consultants in Hyderabad to know the exact figure.

Applying for a work permit in Denmark as students

Doing a part-time job whilst studying is not only a way to finance your student life but also a way to get a chance to broaden your social and professional network, gain important work experience and learn new skills there.

Following are the conditions one has to meet to work in Denmark:

● Non-EU/EEA and non-Nordic students are permitted to work in Denmark 20 hours a week from September to May and 37 hours a week from June to August.

● EU/EEA, Nordic and Swiss citizens have no restriction on the number of hours they can work.

You can contact us for further details or get your Denmark study visa processed from Denmark study visa consultancies in Hyderabad