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Canada Education

Canada Study Visa

In Canada, high-quality education is guaranteed along with a minimum chance of a job. Robust infrastructure, cutting-edge academic programs, and expansive campuses make them the primary choice for students globally. However, one must meet specific eligibility standards and abide by the important IRCC guidelines to be eligible for the Canada Student Visa to study in Canada as an international student. And this will be helped by Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad

Obtaining a Canada Student Visa will allow you to explore work-while-you-study alternatives that are readily available to all international students, as well as extend your study visa after you graduate. Feel free to contact Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad for applying and experiencing a smooth procedure.

A Canada study visa: what is it?

An overseas student who holds this visa is granted permission to study in Canada. They can attend Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada with this visa. The applicant from abroad should confirm that they meet the conditions to apply for a study visa for Canada. Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad are always there to provide detailed information about the same.

Although age doesn’t prevent you from pursuing an education, universities and colleges tend to prioritize admitting younger students, therefore ages up to 40 are deemed eligible.

It is always advised to seek the assistance of a good immigration consultant who has worked on various profiles and sorted out the difficulties for students wanting Canada study visas. 

Obtaining a student visa for Canada involves important steps that must be followed as stated below, as even a minor error may result in visa rejection.

Required Documents for a Canada Study Visa

The following papers must be shown by the students when they apply for a student visa to Canada.

● current passport

● certified copies of the diplomas from grades 10 through 12.

● Academic citations: 2

● Purpose Statement (SOP)

● Letter of acceptance from your institution

● A record of the money needed.

● Student visa and permit

● English language test

How to Apply for a Canada Study Visa?

Following are the steps to apply for a Canada study visa which can be easily and comfortably followed with the help of Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad

  1. A student must first confirm that they are eligible to apply for a student visa in Canada. A letter of acceptance from the Designated Learning Institution is required before the student may apply for a study visa (DLI). Depending on their place of residence, he should additionally obtain proof of financial assistance as well as a variety of supporting documents.
  2. The student can begin preparing to apply for a Canada education visa if they meet all the eligibility requirements. They must make sure they have all the necessary paperwork before submitting their application. It is better if they have advice from an immigration specialist because immigration officials have the right to reject the application if they believe there is an error. Consequently, it is wise to seek out the help of a reputable Canada study visa adviser.
  3. The student must now file an application for a student visa to Canada. They are given two choices. 1. Using an electronic application to submit it. To do this, they must register on the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They can scan and submit all of their paperwork there in electronic form. 2. They may additionally submit a paper-based application. They must gather all of their hard copies into one package and ship it together with their study visa application to the Visa Application Center (VAC) designated to their nation.
  4. The students must make sure that they won’t get their student visas until they arrive at the Canadian Port of Entry (POE). The immigration official at the POE will check their documentation and give them the letter introducing them at the port of entry. The student must provide this letter to the immigration office after receiving it to obtain a study permit to study in Canada.

Are you confused about all these processes of applying for a study visa? Let Visa Tech Overseas, one of the leading Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad act as your pillar of support during the entire process. 

Direct Stream for Students

This mechanism was put in place by the Canadian government to expedite the study permit processing procedure, particularly for students from China, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The requirements for this stream are quite similar to those for a regular Canadian study permit. However, there are some rigorous requirements for a language, such as a minimum IELTS score of 6 or a 7 in French. If the applicant does not match these criteria, they must submit their application for a regular study permit in Canada.

This stream offers a lesser chance of visa refusal for students who are applying for a Canada study visa. Get in touch with one of the Canada study visa consultants in Hyderabad for any other queries.