Germany Education

Germany Education

Germany Study Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

Germany is the best nation in Europe to study for global students, including Indians. This age-old nation can be a haven for students if German, the nation’s language, is tackled. All said and done; this country, rightly called the land of poets and thinkers, is your best bet to study. Said this, we shall now see the process of obtaining a Germany study visa with the help of Germany study visa consultants in Hyderabad

Is Germany a good option for Indian students? 

Yes, as said above, this European nation is definitely a better choice, if not the best. Its globally recognized innovative world-class education and famous technological and economic powerhouse capacity in the European Union make it a good option for studies and livelihood following studies. 

Over 12% of students at German universities come from overseas. It’s considered the third most famous study destination among international students, especially for Indian students in STEM. It has a very accepting and politically-safe atmosphere. 

The major reason for studying at a German University is its free-tuition education. German degrees are accepted and respected by employers all over the world. Germany subsumes more than 400 state-accredited universities offering around 19000-degree programs, out of which over 350 courses are taught in English for diverse domains. Compared to other European countries, Germany has a reasonable cost of living. A German study visa allows one to travel without a residence permit in 27 Schengen countries, including Denmark, France, Italy, Greece and others. 

So, considering all these pros, Indian students should get a Germany study visa from their nearest Germany study visa consultants in Hyderabad

The average cost of studying and living in Germany

Studying from another country, in any case, is costly as accommodation, travel, food, and study materials add to the total expenses. But as previously mentioned, it is not so expensive compared to other European countries. According to the federal ministry of education and research, 867 Euros a month is the average spend for students in Germany, which you will need to cover your living costs as a German student. And speaking of expenses, a scholarship can help you to finance your study abroad.

Your course decides your visas

There are different visas depending upon the duration of your course. Choose a course that is important for your educational goals. Whether you want to take a short/language course or a long degree course, you need to be careful about your future and get your Germany education visa from Germany study visa consultants in Hyderabad. Also, ensure you apply for it well before several months of your arrival date to the country, as it may take some time for your visa to be processed, we Visa Tech Overseas, visa consultants in Hyderabad can answer your queries.

Types of Germany study visas:

The different types of student visas offered by Germany are as follows:

●      Prospective student visa- This visa is for students who have not received a statement of admission to a university or a base course. It is valid for three months and could be extended to six months if needed on certain conditions. It gives you the chance to visit the country and meet the requirements for admission to a German institution. If you are admitted to a higher institute or foundation course during the duration of your stay, you can apply for a student residence permit.

●      The Schengen visa or a language course visa- The Schengen visa is for students who are keen on touring the country and taking short courses. It’s valid for three months per half-yearly period. Whereas language course visas, as the name suggests, are for a language course and are valid for the length of the course. One must consider this before applying for the correct visa, as tourist and language course visas may not be converted into student visas afterwards.

●      Student visa- the student visa is for those who have received a letter of acceptance from the University or a foundation course. It’s valid for three months. During that time, you must apply for an extended residence permit through Germany study visa consultants Hyderabad

Requirements for Germany study visa:

The German consulate in your home country informs the additional documents required for the visa application/. You can know further from Germany study visa consultants Hyderabad. The usually needed documents for a visa application are as follows:

● Valid passport.

● A valid health insurance policy.

● Proof related to accommodation arrangements and financial resources.

● Certificates of past academic work and achievements

● A certificate of language proficiency test in German or proof that you intend to attend a language course in Germany or English language skills for programs taught in English.

● University entrance exams, recognized in Germany, are a must for a prospective student.

● Letter of acceptance from the German University for a student visa candidate.

● In some cases, a health certificate.

For more binding details about visa requirements, you can contact the German embassy, the German consulate or contact Visa Tech Overseas.