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Germany makes three new changes to the immigration law

Over the next four years, Germany will face a shortage of approximately 2,40,000 skilled workers, and this is the best time to get Germany your work visa from the Germany work visa consultants in Hyderabad. 

To avoid such a labor shortage, the EU is already simplifying its immigration system and attracting more foreign-skilled workers. Due to a growing labor shortage, the country is looking for people who want to travel to Germany for work and bring their skills, expertise, and passion, according to Economic and Climate Minister Robert Habeck.

Germany plans to offer dual citizenship and a special citizenship status that will have validity for 3 to 5 years for skilled persons who meet specific criteria, according to the new immigration rule.

The German government has unequivocally stated that it wishes to attract academic and vocational skills. “We welcome people from all over the world,” Habeck said during a talk on the government’s ‘Make it in Germany’ YouTube channel.  It got explicitly designed for skilled craftspeople, electrical engineers, IT specialists, caregivers, nurses, and catering and hospitality professionals.

Physicians and scientists are among the other in-demand jobs listed. There is a reported shortage of metallurgists and builders. Germany previously announced plans to let non-EU citizens hold dual nationality for the first time in November 2021. Previously, this was only permitted in particular circumstances, according to a report.

People will be entitled to German citizenship after three or five years if they have “special integration accomplishments” rather than the current eight or six years.

Measures are already taken to ease the immigration law in Germany

Children born in Germany would automatically turn citizens if one of their parents had been legal residents for five years.

The government also wishes to remove restrictions on dual citizenship. Most people from countries other than the European Union and Switzerland must give up their previous nationality when they obtain German citizenship, though there are some exceptions.

What’s the concern regarding the law? 

Last week, Labour Minister Hubertus Heil predicted a skilled worker shortage of around 240,000 by 2026. The reasons for this range from the economy’s digital transformation to the pandemic and the consequences of the Ukraine war, which persistently presents new challenges to the labor market.

“Auctioning off German citizenship cheap does not encourage integration; somewhat, it aims for the opposite and creates additional ‘pull effects’ for illegal migration,” senior conservative lawmaker Alexander Dobrindt told Bild daily. “

Meanwhile, Thorsten Frei, the union’s chief whip, speaking to ZDF television, said, “Five years is a very, very short time.” “for individuals to be eligible for citizenship

According to official statistics, approximately 131,600 people took German citizenship last year, with a quarter being citizens of other EU countries. The figure was 20% higher than the previous year because of an increase in the number of Syrians naturalized. Germany has a total population of approximately 84 million people.

 “The search for skilled labor is now an existential question for many businesses,” said Hubertus Heil, Labour Minister adding, “and our country needs skilled labor to manage the digitization of our economy and its transition to becoming climate-neutral.”

Authorities also promised to simplify the overall application process, hinting at reducing the time someone must live in Germany before applying for citizenship.

The move is part of Germany’s plan to modernize immigration laws and remove bureaucratic barriers in order to facilitate access to the German labor market. All these will only enhance the work opportunities for global skilled workers, including Indians trying to get a work visa from one of the German immigration visa consultants in Hyderabad. 

 Although not confirmed, some reports suggest that skilled migrants may soon be eligible for German citizenship after completing an integration course or demonstrating B1 (lower intermediate) language skills. It is compared to the current five-year or eight years without the integration course. This measure would easily be a boon for Indians, said Germany work visa agencies in Hyderabad . 

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