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Open Your Office in the UK With a UK Expansion Worker Visa

The UK Expansion Worker visa, part of the new UK Global Business Mobility, enables you to send a representative to establish the company’s branch in the UK. In fact, this is a sure-shot way to get a work visa from UK work visa consultants in Hyderabad . It also allows you to remain in the UK for a longer period of time, you may extend your visa by one year. The good part, you can stay in the nation for a maximum of two years with a UK expansion worker visa.

Program details for the UK expansion work visa

You can establish a branch of an overseas company that has yet to begin doing business in the UK in the UK with the help of a UK Expansion Worker visa. 

The following are the benefits of the program:

● For up to two years, one can remain in the UK.

● Can serve employer full-time

● Can make use of the advantages of education and health

● Profit from tax advantages


To be qualified for a visa as a UK Expansion Worker, you must fulfil the following requirements:

● Possess a current sponsorship certificate from your employer

● Have performed work for your employer outside of the UK

● Perform a job that is included in the list of eligible professions

● Receive the bare minimum salary that is appropriate for the job

The permitted duration of residence in the UK

With a UK Expansion Worker visa, you may remain in the country for a shorter period:

The period specified on your sponsorship certificate plus 14 days plus 12 months from the job’s start date.

You won’t be able to stay on a UK Expansion Worker visa for as long if you’ve previously travelled to the UK on this or another visa. If you’ve stayed in the UK with any of the following visas, you are only permitted to stay for a total of five years in any six years:

● Visa for graduate trainees within a company

● Visa for Intra-company transfer

● Student visa for graduates (Global Business Mobility)

● Worker visa for secondment (Global Business Mobility)

● Senior worker or specialist visa (Global Business Mobility)

● Service-provider visa (Global Business Mobility)

● A visa for workers in the UK (Global Business Mobility)

Who can obtain an expansion worker visa?

It would be best if you currently held a senior management or specialist position with a foreign company as said by UK work permit visa agencies in Hyderabad.

Must be hired and employed by a business or organization with its main office or headquarters outside the UK.

Possess the skills, knowledge, and expertise required for the position.

Hold a senior position within the company and have total authority to make decisions on its behalf (but do not own or control most of it).

Be hired and employed by a company or organization with its main office or headquarters outside the UK.

Can a person use this visa to bring relatives?

Your spouse and kids may apply to move in with you or stay in the UK as your “dependents” if they meet the requirements. If granted, their visa will expire on the same day as yours.

What benefits does this visa offer?

● Work for your sponsor doing the job listed on your sponsorship certificate.

● Study

● If you qualify, you can bring your spouse and children as your “dependents.”

● perform pro bono work

● Take a trip and then return to the UK

Documents are necessary

The following forms must be submitted with your application for a UK Expansion Worker Visa:

● Identities and past travels

● A sponsor certificate

● Details of UK jobs

● Qualifications in both academia and business

● Proof that you work for a company that is not based in the UK and that you are not located there

● Mastery of the English language

● Supplementary materials

The processing time takes about eight weeks if you are in the UK. Following the Home Office’s service standards, it will take three weeks if you are outside of the UK. Regarding the processing time, you can contact any of the UK work visa consultants in Hyderabad . 

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