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How To Get Australia Dependent Visa?

Australia provides a dependent visa program for those who wish to reconnect with families staying in Australia. Under the Dependent Visa Program, Australia permits expatriate workers and students to see their families there. To quicken the process of your Australia visitor visa application meet Visa Tech Overseas, one of the noted Australia visit visa consultants in Hyderabad . 

The holder of this visa is permitted to stay in Australia for a limited time as a de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a qualifying New Zealand citizen. This visa is a prerequisite for a permanent partner visa (subclass 100).

The applicant’s spouse or de facto partner in Australia must be a committed partner at the time of the visa application.

Subclass 309 visa characteristics include:

● This is a transitory visa.

● Obtaining this visa will result in getting a permanent partner visa.

● The applicant must be living abroad when applying.

Benefits of the Subclass 309 Visa

The holder of a Subclass 309 visa may:

● Employ in Australia

● Study in Australia

● Travel as often as necessary to and from Australia.

● Take as many English classes as wanted until reaching vocational English despite having reached the previous cap of 510 hours.

● Utilize Medicare, Australia’s public health care program.

● Family members, including dependent children, may be listed on the application, and if they meet the requirements for good health and moral character, their visas will be approved.

Time allowed to spent there:

The stay will be brief, until the Permanent Partner (migrant) visa (subclass 100) application is decided upon or unless the application is withdrawn. The length of stay is typically 15 to 24 months.

Australia Partner Visa (SUBCLASS 100).

To qualify for this visa, the applicants must have a committed relationship with their spouse or de facto partner.

The applicant must apply for this temporary visa while travelling outside of Australia.

For this visa, you must already submit a Subclass 309 visa. This visa entitles the holder for indefinite residency within the nation before applying for citizenship. To accomplish this, one should maintain a sincere and sustained relationship with their Australian partner.

The time it takes to process Partner visas 309, and 100 depends on several factors, making it difficult to predict. These elements affect how quickly spouse visas are processed:

● Completing the application form with the necessary data.

● Duration of the response to a question.

● Checking the information you provided

Calendars for processing: 

5 months for 25% of applications and two years for 50%. In 9 months, 75% of applications are received in 18 months, and 90% are accepted in 29 months according to Australia visit visa consultants in Hyderabad.

For student dependents:

You may bring your family with you if you are coming to Australia to study. If you want them to enrol with you in your study in Australia, you can either include them on your first student visa application or apply for their visas later. Spouses, partners, and minor children under 18 who are not married may apply for dependent visas as said by Australia student agencies in Hyderabad.

You must submit the following paperwork if you are applying for a visa after you have begun your course:

● Form 919, student-dependent nomination

● Form 157a, application for student visa

● A note from one of your instructors saying:

Your course’s name

Course duration and your anticipated completion date

You fulfilled all prerequisites for the course;

You can support your dependent family members financially

Along with the above, a marriage license or birth certificate as an evidence for family ties.

Evidence of children who are of school age attending schools


You must list the information for your dependent family members on your original Form 157A if you include them in your initial student visa application. There must be at least 12 months left on the primary student’s visa and the money and insurance needed to cover all costs during this time.

For further clarifications you can visit any of the leading Australia visitor visa agents in Hyderabad