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These three nations allow you to relocate with no work or job visas

Are you continually looking for work in European nations but not getting your work visa or an accepted offer? Well, you can get one from Europe immigration visa consultancies in Hyderabad  or try your luck in these 3 below-mentioned nations. 

Three nations – Germany, Austria, and Sweden offer job seekers visas valid for up to 9 months. You will be allowed to apply for a visa under certain parameters after the lapse of 9 months. 

What options do you have if you don’t have a job offer?

Without a job offer, you can still move abroad if you have the necessary skills, experience, language proficiency, qualifications, etc.

A job seeker visa enables people to travel to another country and look for work without having a job offer in advance in the aforesaid European nations. Let’s see in detail about this. 


For up to Six months, Germany grants work visas to citizens of non-EU nations.

Applicants must fulfil specific visa requirements to work in Germany, including having at least five years of professional experience, adequate financial resources, and documentation of completing an academic or vocational training program. Additionally, credentials must be accepted in Germany or be on par with a German diploma.

It’s essential to speak with the appropriate authorities or an immigration lawyer because visa requirements and procedures are subject to change. For all these, you can take help from European work visa agencies in Hyderabad. Before starting the application process through the German embassy or consulate, applicants should gather the required paperwork and research the particular requirements for their type of visa and country of origin.


If a foreign national has a high level of education and wants to work in Austria, they can apply for a job seeker visa. Applicants must receive at least 70 points on a predetermined list of criteria to be granted the visa, which allows for a six-month stay in Austria for job searching.

Applicants can apply for a Red-White-Red card and a work and residence permit if they receive a job offer while their visa is still valid. The Red-White-Red card can be renewed if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, allowing the holder to live and work in Austria for extended periods.

It is significant to note that the job seeker visa does not ensure employment in Austria and that applicants must continue seeking employment while actively travelling there.


A job seeker visa also allows you to travel to Sweden. You need to have earned an advanced degree, maintain your financial stability and purchase comprehensive health insurance, and have a valid passport for the entire time you plan to stay in Sweden to fill out an application for a work visa there or explore business opportunities.

This license can be issued for at least three months and a maximum of nine months. However, your family is not allowed to relocate to Sweden to live with you during this time. It is crucial to remember that obtaining a permit does not ensure success in finding employment or launching a business; instead, it is up to the individual to actively look for opportunities.

There are also other European countries actively looking for skilled workers due to huge labour shortage in the Europe. You can explore your options of getting a Europe work visa from Europe job visa consultants in Hyderabad