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What’s there in Italy for you to study? 

When you think of studying in Europe, definitely you would have also considered Italy. Right? Yes, your thought is correct. Italy has a lot many opportunities for students who wish to study there. It has all the facilities that are nothing less to other European nations. However, you get all these positives only when you have a correct Italy study visa processing consultancy at your backend support. If you are a student from Hyderabad, India wishing to pursue education in Italy you should choose the best Italy visa consultants in Hyderabad. A good Italy study visa consultant will ease your Italy education visa process. 

Having known this, you should also know why you should study in Italy. 

Why studying in Italy is best?

Besides the understandable reasons like tasty food, charming streets, varied natural settings and history radiating from every split, educating in Italy, is for sure going to give you more than what you want as a student studying abroad. With a wide option of disciplines and an array of courses, international students like you in Italy can get the goodness of all this developed nation has to provide you. You pursue credits in your chosen field of study and also get exposure to the international student community and global standard education. 

However, the only few key things for you to keep in mind before getting in touch with Italy visa immigration consultancy Hyderabad  are: 

  • Your choice of discipline
  • Estimated costs
  • University 

Said of the general things, let us now move into how the higher education system in Italy is positioned. It is divided into: 

  1. University sectors 
  2. Non-university sectors

1. The University Sector:

The University Sector at present is composed of about 90 institutions, including:

  • 58 State universities
  • 18 non-State universities (which are still lawfully recognized by the State)
  • 2 universities for international students
  • 6 schools aimed at postgraduate studies
  • 6 telematic universities, with subjects in information and information

2. The Non-University Sector:

The Non-University Sector can be divided into 4 primary sectors:

  • Design-based schools, comprising specialities in polytechnics for the arts, applied arts, fine arts, music conservatories and musical and choreographic courses
  • Higher studies in language arbitration
  • Higher Integrated Education (FIS), which provides Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS)
  • Other various courses such as archiving, restoration, military studies, diplomatic, etc. which do not fall under the category of the Education Ministry. 

So, hope now it is clear to you why you should study in Italy? Because of highly structured university and non-university education sectors international students have a lot of options to choose from. 

Student life and projected expenditure in Italy:

Of course, many students prefer Italy as their home nation for studies, especially in Europe but the cliché is the language -Italian. This said, it is not that you should be an expert in this language but you need to know the basics to take full advantage of your studies, environment and the Italians. 

Keeping aside the university you choose, the place you decide to stay and other things the expenses in Italy are a bit higher in comparison to India. The reasons, lesser exchange value for the Indian rupee and also the nation is a tourist hub which increases your living expenses. It is always better you prefer the suburbs although you may have to travel a while to your university. 

In general, you need to spend about $4,000 to $30,000 based on your stay, duration, course and other essentials. This amount is for the basic necessities we are saying about. The budget may hike if you want to have a bit polished life. However, despite this figure, Italy is one of the most affordable nations for Indian students to study. 

So, hopefully, we have answered your basic questions about what you as an Indian student who’s wishing to study in Italy have to go through. If you are still in doubt, you can contact Italy visa immigrants in Hyderabad.  

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