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German visa is better than the US visa

Why do we say a German visa is better than the US visa

Of late, Germany has been in the news for its immigration policies. The German government has created a way to help people from all over the world to get a work visa to work in Germany. Immigration is at the forefront of European politics and Germany has been a pioneer in this field.  

The latest update from the Germany immigration visa agency in Hyderabad is that it is mandatory for all Indian citizens applying for German visas to first apply for an E 111 Health Insurance Card from the same Government before submitting their visa application form online or visiting the German embassy/consulate in India.

A German work visa is good for the below reasons as said by a Germany immigration visa agent in Hyderabad 

Germany is better for a family arrangement

Germany is better in terms of family planning. Germany has developed a great career path by which Indians can opt to live in Germany and make their future plans there. On average, German parents take parental leave for one to two years after their child is born. 

Depending on your career, you can be compensated for 65% of your leave with a maximum of about 1800 EUR a month for a full year. You can take a total of about 14 weeks of maternity leave. all payments are taken care of. 

In addition, Germany offers excellent childcare options that are subsidized by the government. These services include free or low-cost daycare centres, preschools, and kindergarten programs. They also have excellent public transportation options so it’s easy to get around if you don’t have a car or bike.

Germany offers more social benefits

Germany has very good welfare programs, so you can spend less and save more of your income. Unlike in other countries where you’re cut off from financial support after a certain period, Germany allows its citizens to receive benefits even if they are working. If a German citizen decides to return to work after an extended period of unemployment, he/she will still be able to receive unemployment benefits. In addition, most people who are employed in Germany enjoy a decent level of medical and dental coverage through their employer.

In Germany sick leave is also generous with up to 30 days per year as standard. This number can be extended in some cases. Germany has a great education system: Germany’s education system ranks among one of the best in Europe and even in the world.

Easier visa Process 

If you get a job in Germany, you are eligible to receive an EU Blue Card. After bearing the EU Blue Card for 33 months, you can as well apply for a permanent residency. (In case a person speaks German one can apply after mere 21 months.)

Permanent residence is equivalent to a US green card, with this one can enjoy multiple rights such as the Germans do, however, one cannot vote and have a German passport (unless you apply for it).

Compared to other nations, the visa procedure in Germany is somewhat easy. For instance, in the US, one needs to go through a lottery procedure to decide if one can extend a visa. 

Plenty of Paid Vacation Days (25+ days a year)

German workers see holidaying as essential to their well-being. Germany has an extremely high life expectancy rate, especially among working-age individuals, partially due to strong work-life balance policies. But don’t just take our word for it—there are plenty of paid vacation days in Germany (25+ days a year). If you think that sounds like heaven, then talk to a German work visa consultant in Hyderabad about your options today!

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