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Professional opinion on the new UK immigration rules will affect Indians

Indians in the UK have been reeling from the news of the new immigration policy. For Rishi Sunak, the UK’s immigration position is becoming increasingly challenging. How it may impact international students and those with work visas, as more information becomes available, said UK immigration visa consultancies in Hyderabad.

How could this affect immigrants on work visas?

Despite some of the anti-immigration rhetoric coming from the government, there is still a pressing need for employees in Britain. For the short to medium term, hiring foreign labor is the only choice available to many companies.

High and medium-skilled Indians considering moving to the UK will, therefore, still have a decent chance of receiving a legitimate work visa, according to Yash Dubal, Director at A Y & J Solicitors in the UK, a London-based immigration consultancy and Solicitors.

In reality, Indian citizens were granted approximately 103,000 Work visas in 2022 (covering both skilled and temporary employees), a 148% increase from the previous year. With 46% of all skilled work visas awarded worldwide, Indian citizens continue to be the most common nationality receiving these visas. You can also get yours from UK work visa agencies in Hyderabad

Why is the Sunak government focusing on international students?

Now that it is less probable that work visas would be restricted, the only remaining alternative is to impose limits on international students entering the country.

Regulations may alter starting next year to restrict UK student visas and, more likely, student-dependent visas.

Dubal noted that some dependents travel to the UK with spouses and parents on student visas to explain the unexpected inflow of immigrants into the nation.

He advised students keen to pursue higher education in the UK: “Indian students have to examine the proper subject, the correct period of study, and even if the UK would be the ideal place to fulfill their aim.”

With a staggering 273% increase in visas issued over the previous several years, the ONS reported that Indian students had officially surpassed Chinese students as the largest group of international students studying in the UK.

How should students organize their courses?

There are no concrete plans to alter the system, but the UK government is anticipated to change several policies that would impact Indian students who want to study in the UK. In the future, the number of student visas may be limited, or specific colleges may favor students pursuing particular courses. You can contact any UK student visa consultancies in Hyderabad regarding getting your UK study visas. 

Why is it now urgent to lower migration in the nation?

According to figures recently released by the British Office for National Statistics (ONS), net migration in the UK increased to 504,000 in the year ending in June 2022. The increase exceeds pre-Brexit levels. The majority of visitors came from non-EU nations. India is the first national visa country (i.e., a country that needs a visa to enter the UK) to benefit from this professional and cultural exchange initiative, which operates similarly to the current Youth Mobility Schemes. Following the agreement, many people between 18 and 30 may work and reside in the other nation for a maximum of two years.

Since the UK voted to leave the EU, filling vacancies in several businesses has been difficult, and this makes it easy to get a UK immigration visa from UK work visa consultants in Hyderabad. Working closely with India may be advantageous for both countries given the lack of free movement and the limitations due to the new points-based immigration system that emphasizes employees based on academic credentials, skills, English language ability, and income.

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