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Benefits Offered by Australia to International Students, a Report 

Australia has always been on the top of the options that study abroad aspirants look for. With that said, you might be wondering what benefits does Australia offers to the aspirants.

Nearly 1 lakh (one hundred thousand) Indian students’ study in Australia. There has been an upward trend for this culture since 2017. The COVID-19 epidemic, of course, was a setback, but now that Australia’s borders are open and the country is inviting overseas students, we may anticipate this figure to rise much more.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada are just a few of the top choices for Indian students. It’s a popular option because of the advantages it offers such as high-quality education, reasonable costs, and an attractive post-study work permit.

For the first time, at least five Australian universities have been ranked among the world’s top 50 institutions of higher learning. Engineering, computer science, earth sciences, medical sciences, and nursing are the most popular study subjects here. Accounting, finance, tourism and hospitality management are also other popular options.

Another critical factor in students’ decision to study in Australia is the country’s generous post-study job policy. There are three primary post-study work visa alternatives for students interested in learning in Australia.

Post-study employment visa:

The visa subclass 485 is the most common and flexible work visa for most students. Upon completing their course, students are eligible to apply for this visa. Students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s (coursework and research), or doctorate may apply for this visa category. All students can work in any area and have numerous admission and exit visas to and from Australia under this policy. It provides the most outstanding options for employment after graduation. Individuals obtaining a diploma or trade certificate are not eligible for this visa category.

Those studying in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane may work for two, three, or four years in this category, depending on their degree. Apply for Australia work visa and student visa in Hyderabad

Students studying in cities like Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra and rural places like the Northern Territory may now extend their work-study visas for up to two additional years, according to the new rules from the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Thousands of people will benefit from this.

The Graduate Work Visa

Work visas for graduates with specialized skills and credentials relevant to jobs that Australia requires come under the same visa classification as the 485 visas. Graduates may work for 18 months under this category, and this has been temporarily extended to 24 months for permits issued after December 1, 2021, under this category. It is not feasible to extend this visa without the employer’s sponsorship or the applicant’s application to another appropriate visa category if the holder has this visa category.

Subclass 476 of the visa is mostly for engineering graduates who have completed their studies at a recognized school. The student must be under the age of 31 to be eligible for this type of funding. This visa allows holders to work in Australia for up to 18 months before applying for another visa or being sponsored by their employers under a different visa category to remain longer. Post-study work stream visa holders have the greatest freedom since they may work in almost any sector to help support themselves and begin building a professional profile.

Australian Jobs With the Best Pay

Media & Communications comes in second at AU$76.414 and follows in the footsteps of Mining, Oil & Gas at AU$81,834, Recruitment & HR at $75,455, Engineering Consulting at AU$73,854, Health Care at AU$73,000, and the Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality sector at AU$71103 in the Prosple 2022 Australia Graduate Salary Guide.

Australia’s opportunities in engineering and other technical sectors are high because of its abundance of natural resources. In addition, the nursing and medical professions are in high demand due to the aging of population and an increase in the number of people needing their services. Combined with the most recent technology advancements, many new positions are being created in analytical and business-related disciplines in the financial industry. This has opened multitude of opportunities to the young minds flying in. 

All these facts only point out to the fact that Australia needs more human capital in the form of students and employees. Apply for your Australia Visa with Australia visa consultants Hyderabad.  

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