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Expert Tips to Get Your France Study Visa

If your mind dreams of studying in France then you are on the right page. Make your dreams a reality and smooth sail with the assistance of France study visa consultants in Hyderabad. Someone like them will easily guide you all through the process. Let’s see the details now.

How Much Does a French Study Visa Cost?

Generally, a France study visa cost is about ₹ 11,501/- for a year duration and it includes all charges like visa fees of ₹ 8,723, local transportation fees, accommodation fees, insurance etc. One has to pay a non-refundable application fee for France study visa at any French embassy or consulate abroad as the first step.  

What Documents Are Required to Get a Student Visa for France?

All documents mentioned below are required to get a student visa for France and these have to be submitted at your local French consulate or embassy. The consulates and embassies have different policies about which supporting documents they require, so it is best to check with them directly through your France study visa agent in Hyderabad.

1. Your original passport which is valid for at least three months after your arrival date in France and with at least two blank pages. If you have an old passport, it must be less than ten years old and have at least one blank page.

 2. Official documentation stating that you are accepted to study in France. This could be an acceptance letter from your French school or college, along with transcripts. If your education has been completed, then you will need to submit certified copies of diplomas and degrees.

3. Two passport size photos.

4. Proof of financial support for your stays in France, such as bank statements or scholarship letters. You will need to prove that you have at least €8,000 per year to cover living expenses while studying abroad. 

5. Proof that you have purchased health insurance for your stays in France, such as an insurance policy or receipt. 

6. Proof that you have adequate accommodation for your stays in France, such as hotel reservations or property leases.

How Long Does it Take to Get My French Student Visa?

It takes at least 15 working days to get your France visa. Once you receive your France study visa, you will need to apply for a residence permit once you arrive in France.

What If I Am Going for an Intensive Course?

If you are planning to take up an intensive course that exceeds three months, you need to apply for your student visa at least two months before your scheduled flight. For instance, if you are flying into France on 30 January, you need to submit your visa application by 15 December at the latest. You can check all other official requirements with our Hyderabad France study visa consultants.

All said and done, choosing to study abroad is an exciting decision, but you need to be prepared for some unique challenges that aren’t found when studying in India. The French embassy expects you to plan and take care of these above important details well before departure. Don’t rush into anything, especially if you intend on staying long-term; rushing through your application could mean it is denied or delayed. 

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