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Why Study in France?

Benefits of studying in France:

Want to route your personality and culture to a different level the studying in France is the best option. Yes, France is one nation where you can think differently and express your ideas and opinions about things although you come from a different background, culture, and society. 

You have the opportunity to share and contribute some of your own culture, tradition, and way of life with the new culture you are exposed to as an international student, in addition to being exposed to a whole new culture, tradition, and way of life. Studying in France is beneficial for understanding the new way of life and culture you are experiencing. Still, it also improves you personally by teaching you to enjoy the little things in life. Overall, it promotes one’s personal and professional development. Get these by applying for France study visa from France student visa consultancies in Hyderabad

Favored academic programs for Indian students in France

Due to its top-notch educational system, France is a favorite travel destination for many students. In France, education is a delicate subject. The best education is always guaranteed for anyone studying abroad in France. Want to get the best education for you contact any of the France study visa agencies in Hyderabad. 

The following are a few of the most sought-after courses for Indian students to take in France:

  1. History of the arts or creative arts Communication
  2. Mediterranean and European Cultures
  3. Studies in film finance
  4. language studies
  5. Geography
  6. The World’s Communications
  7. Technology Information
  8. Comparative and international politics
  9. Medicine
  10. Pharmacology
  11. Psychology
  12. Sociology

Meeting people is the main focus of student life in France.

Your host university’s French and international students, faculty, and staff will make your time there unforgettable. While you are studying here, you will discover all the benefits France has to offer. The various services provided by French universities make life as a student easier.

What is the cost of attending school in France?

The cost of studying in France will vary depending on your lifestyle and university preferences. It can be split into two categories: living expenses and tuition fees.

Studying expenses – Tuition

EU and non-EU students pay different tuition rates at French universities. The latter is typically expensive and necessitates additional fees. In addition, choosing a private university or institute will result in increased tuition costs.

Studying costs and living costs

The location and the setting of the institution have a significant impact on the cost of living in France. While other cities are quite affordable, some, like Paris, enjoy a high standard of living. If you live alone in a rented apartment, the average cost of living in France is between $1,083 and $2,000 per year. This includes your rent, monthly expenses for food and drink, utilities, entertainment, etc.

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Requirements for Indian students to study in France after their 12th grade

The requirements for Indian students to study in France following their 12th-grade year are as follows:

IELTS/TOEFL scorecards are necessary if you have chosen English as your study language.

If French is your preferred language, you’ll need scorecards for the DELF (Diploma in French-language studies), DALF (Advanced Diploma in the French Language), etc.

You must have all necessary paperwork, including passport-size photos, a current passport, a letter of acceptance from a French university, a receipt for the visa fee, proof of health insurance, etc.

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