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Guide For Students To Stay In America Even After Completing The Course

Approximately 2 lakh students applied for admission to America’s major institutes and colleges in the previous year. The almost 19% increase in the number of Indian students is due to most of the students filling out the admission form. Indian Students in America not only go to the institutes to study but also get a chance to explore the world and get to know new people. If you are already studying in America and your visa is about to expire, you also don’t need to worry. This guide is for students like you who want to study in America even after your studies completion. 

Students attending or going to join institutes in the United States must be aware of an important fact. As we all know, Indian students are rapidly obtaining F-1 visas, which is increasing the number of Indian students in America. So, according to Immigration Attorney Robert Webber, the number of Indian students will soon overtake the number of Chinese students in America.

As far as numbers are concerned, for the time being, the population of Chinese students is higher in America than that of Indian students. 

List of well-known universities to join in America

Out of a total of 5,300 best universities, a list of the 100 best universities was made in America, out of which we are serving you 10 best universities below in which you can take admission to make your future better.

California Institute of Technology

Boston University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carnegie Mellon University

Northeastern University

University of Rochester

New York University

Rice University

The New School

Columbia University

By the way, let us tell you that getting a visa for Indian students is not as difficult as getting another visa after the completion of the course. There are many Indian students who want to do further studies and jobs in America even after the completion of the course. With this guide, you don’t have to worry said US visa consultancies in Hyderabad

How To Stay In USA After Completing The Study?

You need to understand that there are different kinds of visas available for international students. If you have completed your studies and still want to live in the same place, then you need to have a visa. Visa allows you to reside temporarily for a particular time in that country. 

The students who want to study in America and want to do a job as well, then they have to find companies or hospitals that are running the H-1B cap program. The H-1B cap program allows companies or others to keep international staff for a limited time. 

There are many places in America where you can easily find work, like salons, hospitals, construction sites, etc. You just have to go to these places and apply for your H-1B cap visa along with the resume, which will make it easier for them to recruit you. 

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For H-1B cap visa:

Those who are already living in the US should have 12 years of work experience in any field, or they should have certificates from the university where they were studying.

It is compulsory for the student to have a bachelor’s degree.

Companies where you have applied for work, will first test you to see if you are qualified for the position. If you cannot qualify in any way, they will reject you.

An individual who is applying for a job must submit a labor condition to the Department of Labor.

You have to submit evidence that you can perform well in the specialty profession.

It is also important for you to know that Indian and other international students go through a long process to get jobs in America. If you do not get a response from one place, instead of waiting, go to another place and put a copy of your resume and H-1B cap visa. If you are unable to get a job in America in any way, then try to get admission to those universities in any case. Get your H-1B visa from US H-1B visa consultants in Hyderabad . 

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