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Following These Tips Will Ensure Your Australia Student Visa Doesn’t Get Rejected

Non-genuine entrant and forged documents are why many students from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka have been denied their student visa applications. Reports are claiming 50% of Indian students’ visa applications were denied Australian entry.The Australian government has expressed its concern that dishonest agents in India have been arranging student visas using forgeries. More and more student visas are being denied because of the “genuine temporary entrant” criteria, which is an arbitrary criterion. So, it is better to process your education visa for Australia from genuine Australia study visa agents in Hyderabad.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs are one option for students to get an Australia education visa, advised Australia study visa agents in Hyderabad

Procedures for Obtaining a Student Visa for Australia

If you want to ensure that your student visa does not get rejected, make sure to follow the below procedures. Setting up a student visa is a crucial first step if you plan to attend an Australian university on campus. Even if you plan to begin online studies there, applying for a student visa is a good idea, given the present conditions. A student visa may help you qualify for a work visa after graduation (Visa subclass 485). Contact Australia study visa consultants in Hyderabad for further details. 

If you want to apply to a specific Australian school directly, you can download an application form from that school’s website using online course search tools or contact Australian education visa agents in Hyderabad

Eligibility criteria to get a student visa for Australia:

● Documentation of your academic achievements, such as all your previous degrees and diplomas.

● You must provide proof that you are fluent in English.

● Proof of prior learning in the form of transcripts or professional certificates is required if you wish to receive academic credit for prior learning. These will require an English translation.

To make sure your visa doesn’t get rejected, follow the below two tips without fail.

The academic prerequisites (such as your English proficiency) will change from program to program. 

If you have any questions about the prerequisites listed on a school’s website, please don’t hesitate to contact that school directly or seek help from Australia study visa agents in Hyderabad.

General Principles

Training in the English Language: Ensure the training, either offline or online, is from a reputable center or website.

Schools: It’s not uncommon for a state’s or territory’s entry requirements to differ from school to school. Vocational and Technical Education (VET) programs are also different from regular courses. Most VET programs do not need students to take an entrance exam to enroll. However, you might need prior knowledge of a topic or professional expertise to enroll in certain classes.

The Undergraduate Curriculum at a University: You must hold the Australian Year 12 Certificate or its foreign equivalent. You must have earned at least one degree at the undergraduate level and meet any additional prerequisites for courses in Australia. Your research skills and professional experience are also taken into account by potential colleges.

The application cost for an Australian Student visa

The initial application fee for a student visa will begin at AUD$ 650. 

The timeliness of obtaining an Australian student visa varies from applicant to applicant. Dates for processing visa applications are posted on the Department of Home Affairs website.

The Visa Application Charge refund application period ends on December 31, 2022, for students and their families who entered Australia before March 19, 2022. The webpage for the Department of Home Affairs contains additional details. If in doubt, contact Australia education visa agents in Hyderabad.

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