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Read About UK Visit Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

Are you planning for a visitor visa to enter the UK? Getting the best UK visitor visa consultants in Hyderabad is all that you need for the smooth transmission of the process. All that you need for a visitor visa mostly depends on the nationality, the reason for the trip to the UK and for how long are you planning to stay.

The UK is a great place that invites many from various parts of the globe as a tourist spot. Usually, visitor visas are valid for a period of 6 months which is much useful for tourists. But unlike the usual cases, sometimes the UK visitor visa lasts from 1 to 10 years as well. However, even these long-stay visa candidates can stay only for a period, not more than 6 times a time. But these visitor visa candidates are not allowed to work under this visa type.

Types of UK Visitor Visas:

To give you a better understanding of what type of visitor visa you’ve to plan, here are the details of various UK visitor visa types:

Standard visitor visa: In simple it is a short time trip-based visa. This visa type is for those who are planning for a vacation, medical support, tourist travel or on a fun plan.

Marriage visitor visa: This visa is meant for those who are planning their wedding in the UK. It’s better to apply for this type of visa 3 months in advance.

UK transit visa: This transit visa is for those who may have to stop by in the UK during their journey. But for those who are already having a marriage visitor visa then there is no need to apply for this type of visa.

Permitted paid engagement visa: If you are any professional planning to visit the UK as part of an invite or sponsorship by a UK-based firm then your visa type comes under this category.

Parent of A tier 4 child visa: For those parents who would want to visit the UK to meet their kids’ schooling in any of the UK institutions then they have to apply under this visa category.

Requirements to apply for the visit visa:

  • Passport with a valid expiry date
  • Valid travel ID
  • Visa application form filled in
  • Passport size photographs, taken in the last 6 months.
  • Proof that supports your financial ability to meet the expenses in the UK.
  • Accommodation proof
  • A complete travel itinerary.
  • Health test proofs
  • If you’re applying for a visa for above 6 months stay then you need to submit biometric information.
  • An invitation letter from a friend or family member where you will stay in the UK.
  • Receipts confirming the visa fees payment.
  • Language translation certificates if applicable.
  • Depending on the working status some employment-related documents from your respective employer are also needed.
  • For individuals below 18 years extra documents like a birth certificate (or adoption certificate, in case if applicable) and an approval letter signed in by parents if travelling unaccompanied are mandatory.

Why choose us:

We, Visatechoverseas are the leading UK visit visa consultants Hyderabad, offering unparalleled services. Choose us for your UK visit visa consultation because we,

  • give you highly expertise guidance all through the process.
  • can support you in arranging all the forms needed.
  • can well organize all your financial documents too in point of need.
  • have ample knowledge about all the UK visa process types whether you plan for a stay for 6 months or as long as 10 years.
  • Genuinely get every step done in a very detailed and professional way.

With all the details provided and now that you are all set to fly to the UK on a visitor visa, feel free to get in touch with us and get the process done in a hassle-free way.

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