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Make Your US Study and Visit Visa Easy with Hyderabad US Visa Consultants

Are you interested in studying or visiting the United States? Look no further than US visit visa consultants in Hyderabad! Whether you are looking to visit the country on holiday, study there, work or even immigrate permanently, we can help make your dreams come true by helping you acquire the right visa type and paperwork needed. Give Visa Tech Overseas, a call today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you!

Which type of visa do I need?

For study and visit there are two types of visas available, one is F1 Visa for students and a B1 Visa for visitors. If you are planning to do research work then you need an H1B visa which is available only for US citizens. You need an H4 Visa if you want to live with your spouse who has got an employment-based green card in the USA. If you have got a job offer from a company located in the USA then you need an L1A/L1B Visa which is available only for employees of multinational companies having an office in the USA.

What are my obligations while staying on my U.S. student/work Visa?

You must maintain status by completing an academic program (for a student) or maintaining employment for an employer who sponsored you for your visa (for an F-1, M-1, J-1, and Q visas). If you change employers, you must notify U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of such changes within ten days of starting at your new job—or else you will face potential issues with maintaining valid immigration status.

How long can I stay in the U.S.?

The maximum length of stay for any single visit is usually 6 months, though you can apply for extensions in some cases. If you’re looking to work while visiting (or immigrating), you may want to contact a U.S.-based recruiter and employer directly. You might also consider applying for an O-1 visa—the extraordinary ability category—if you have skills that would be valuable to an American company. An O-1 visa allows you to live and work in America for three years with multiple entries at no cost. Be sure to consult with a lawyer before making your application, as there are strict criteria involved with these visas.

Can I work on my F1/M1 Visa?

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at studying in another country, including whether you’ll be able to work while doing so and how much that will cost you. For example, if you want to work on an F1 or M1 student visa in America, you’ll need to pay for university tuition as well as other expenses like housing and food—and these can get expensive quickly! Having said that, there are ways for international students to find less expensive options if needed.

Are US visas transferable between schools? Technically, you’re supposed to be attending classes at only one school on any given F-1 student visa. However, in practice, it’s common for students to transfer their visas between schools. The main thing that determines whether or not you’ll be able to do so is whether or not both schools are accredited by an agency recognized by US immigration authorities. If they are, then there shouldn’t be any problem with transferring your visa from one school to another as long as you haven’t started classes yet and don’t intend to attend more than one school at once. If you want a visa to study in the US, US study visa consultants in Hyderabad can help you and will provide you with the best help!

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