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Things you need to know about studying in France

Why France?

Undoubtedly, college students will enjoy maintaining their studies and social lives in France. Studying at a French university is never a dull experience. You can have a menu full of amazing things to look over whether you are at school thinking and learning or at home, ready to head out and experience the miracles of the nation. However, for all these to happen, you must get your visa from France study visa consultancies in Hyderabad

No matter where you go to school in France, you’ll be able to visit one of the many exhibition centers showcasing everything from ancient artifacts to cutting-edge scientific research. A huge chunk of them can be accessed at zero cost, which is a massive boon to any student. In addition, more than 2,000 movie theatres can be found across the country, and staged events feature musicals and other unique forms of entertainment.

Numerous high-tech recreation centers are maintained at French universities for student use. To join, you’ll typically have to shell out a nominal fee. However, schools and universities in France actively encourage students to attend and participate in sporting events. Various sports and competitions, from Olympic-style events to cricket, rugby, baseball, football, and basketball, can be found at French universities.

Processing visas and arranging medical care is simpler than in several other nations

It’s difficult enough to uproot your life and relocate to a new city, let alone a foreign country. But, France’s visa system for students from the European Union and the European Economic Area is very simple; thus, obtaining a visa should be one of the minor time-consuming aspects of moving to France.

The French healthcare system, known as’sécurité sociale,’ is widely regarded as the greatest in the world, and as of September 2018, it no longer costs patients anything out of pocket. Students outside the European Union (EU) who want medical care while studying in France must register with the French healthcare system. Students from the EU and the EEA should ensure they have their EHIC cards.

Tuition cost in France

Tuition is cheap compared to living expenses for both European and international students. For example, a Bachelor’s degree in Europe will cost you only 170 EUR per year, a Master’s 243 EUR, and a Doctorate 380 EUR, or 610 EUR at engineering schools.

If you are an international student from a non-European country, the French government may pay up to two-thirds of your educational expenses in France. Those who can provide evidence of their temporary status in France will pay a lower registration price. You must attend a school recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. In this regard, the annual tuition for a Bachelor’s degree is just 2,770 EUR; for a Master’s degree, it is 3,770 EUR; and for a Doctorate, it is only 380 EUR.

Private schools charge significantly more, between €3,000 and €10,000 every academic year. Tuition for France’s elite Grande écoles ranges from about €450 to €1100 per year.

Scholarship opportunities for international students

Each year, the government of France and the Erasmus+ program will provide several scholarships to international students who wish to study in France. Check out with France study visa agents in Hyderabad to see if any available scholarships meet your needs. All pertinent scholarship data may be available with such agents. 

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs works with numerous European institutions and organizations to provide a wide range of scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are also available from the Ministry of Higher Education, but there are requirements you must complete to qualify.

More than two million students have benefited from Erasmus+ scholarships far, making them a terrific way to help pay for your education. If you want to get your Master’s or Doctorate, think seriously about applying for a scholarship from the Eiffel Excellence Program. All such information you can get from French study visa consultancies in Hyderabad

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