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Is Denmark a better option to study for Indian students?

Why Denmark?

Even though the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are the most common choices for students who wish to pursue higher education abroad, several countries in Europe, particularly the Nordic countries such as Denmark, provide better opportunities. They are, in comparison, equal to those in more well-known locations and are also much more affordable. 

Due to its inexpensive tuition rates, excellent quality Master’s programs taught in English, and cutting-edge pedagogical approaches, Denmark is one of Europe’s most sought-after international study destinations. 

Denmark is a popular destination for international students because of its high quality of life and the extensive curriculum options available at Danish colleges. IELTS is required, with a score of at least 6.5. The country has a long history of academic excellence, and the most recent 2019 rankings put it in the fifth position. If all these appeals to you, get your Denmark study visa from Denmark study visa agencies in Hyderabad.  

Some advantages of studying in Denmark are listed below:

● It is widely recognized as the world’s happiest nation

● A wide variety of landscapes and outdoor pursuits

● Delicious, exotic food and memorable dining experiences

● Some of the finest history, anthropology, geography, and social science classes may be found here.

● Reasonable Cost of Education

● Financial aid for college

Application Requirements for Undergraduates

If you want to study in Denmark as an international student, you must meet these requirements:

● Diploma from high school

● Proof that you know how to speak English (IELTS or TOEFL)

● Taking a look at qualifications

● Proof that you are a citizen

● Forms for applying to or signing up for university

● Cost of applying (General cost: 100 EUR)

● A student visa or a permit to live there.

Application Requirements for Graduates

These are the things that graduate students need:

● Degrees earned in the past (bachelor’s or any equivalent degree)

● Proof that you know how to speak English (IELTS or TOEFL)

● Proof that you know how to speak Danish (for programs taught in Danish)

● Forms for applying or signing up

● Cost of applying (General cost: 100 EUR)

● Passport or any other proof of who you are and where you are from

● Student Visa or Residence Permit

The most common types of student housing in Denmark:

● Rent for lone students: €450

● 500 EUR/month for students sharing an apartment with a friend or coworker

● You may expect to pay between 250 and 300 EUR monthly in college or a student dormitory.

Average tuition fees 

● Cost of a Master’s Degree: Around 96,000 Krona

● Master’s tuition is around 94752 KRW.

● Additional 75,000 KR, around

● Costs per academic year range from €6,000 to €16,000.

● It costs between 800 and 1,200 Euros per month for international students to live in Denmark.

Some additional Advantages

● Education for up to two children over five is provided at no cost.

● Inclusion of Spouse in Full-Time Employment Protections

● Income up to Rs. 5.5 lacs is exempt from tax.

Scholarship opportunities for Foreign Students in Denmark

Scholarships are highly uncommon in Denmark. Scholarships are few compared to countries like the United States, Canada, and Germany. Since most of the current options are aimed at graduate students, the bachelor’s degree has a particularly low completion rate.

1. Nordplus

2. Erasmus

3. A Combined Master’s Degree Between Universities in Europe and Beyond, Known as Erasmus

4. Fullbright

5. Government of Denmark Offers Scholarships to Students From Outside the European Union

6. Education Funding from the Government.

Unique Profession Prospects

In addition, depending on their qualifications and experience, students may be offered a permanent position. International students in Denmark can work 20 hours a week for a minimum income of 10-12 euros while enrolled in school.

International graduates are granted a 6-month job-search visa to help them find employment once they finish their studies. In addition, a valid work visa will allow them to extend their stay. You can contact any Denmark study visa agencies in Hyderabad for clear details.