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Why Many Indians Are Choosing to Move to Canada

Why Many Indians Are Choosing to Move to Canada

Canada has long been an attractive destination to immigrants from India, and the trend seems to be increasing in recent years as Canada has become increasingly welcoming to foreign citizens, especially those from rapidly developing nations like India. 

From 2015 to 2016, there was a 17% increase in Indian immigrants arriving in Canada. This number will likely continue growing as more and more people learn about how advantageous the move can be for their careers, finances, and families, said the Canada visa consultants in Hyderabad 

With a welcoming population, high standard of living, stable economic situation, and excellent education and job opportunities, Indians see Canada as the land of opportunities. Besides, India is by far Canada’s leading source of global talent, providing over 405,000 immigrants to Canada in 2021 alone—33% of the total share among all global countries. 

One-third of these immigrants are from India alone and outnumber China (24%) and Britain (9%), which have seen a drop in numbers migrating to our northern neighbour for greener pastures. Statistics show that nearly 450,000 international students studied in Canada last year—of which 50% are from India. 

Furthermore, almost 10,000 Indians immigrated to Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and 130,000 got work permits under the International Mobility Program. Indeed this rising trend does not seem like it will be going away anytime soon, as statistics show that 300,000 Indians obtained permanent residency status in 2016 alone. You can always get a Canada visa under the temporary foreign worker program from

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In the past decade, Canada has become an increasingly popular destination for Indian newcomers. Large cities like Toronto and Vancouver boast large Indian populations, with as many as 15% of people in each city identifying as having Indian heritage. 

But this increased popularity isn’t just a result of families moving abroad; it’s also because many young, educated, or skilled Indians have already moved there seeking out educational opportunities or work-related experiences – or for those who are temporarily working in North America on Work Permits. Over 1/3rd of Canadians who immigrated between 2006-2011 were born in India (approx).

For decades, Indian citizens with temporary worker status in the U.S. have been struggling to find a pathway to permanent residence as many find themselves caught in a Catch-22 situation: if they work for a particular employer for six years, they can stay indefinitely; but if their employer fires them, or the sponsoring company goes out of business, the individual is rendered undocumented and has no way of becoming legal again. 

At present, a little over 125,000 Indian nationals living in the U.S., according to some estimates, are unable or unwilling because of various reasons to return home; instead, they are opting for either a change in employers or moving across the border into Canada where chances of securing permanent residency may be easier depending on economic considerations.

Student Direct Stream

Considering an education abroad in Canada? Getting a study permit can be expensive and time-consuming. With the Student Direct Stream, it’s less expensive and saves time. You don’t need a letter of acceptance, proof of ability to pay for school, or a job offer in Canada. 

It’s also easier because you don’t have any restrictions on your stay–as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and give notice before leaving India, your residency will automatically convert from student status to permanent residency once you complete the program.

These are quite a good number of reasons why Canada has been appealing to Indians for years. 

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