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Why must students opt for universities in the U.K. instead of other countries?

It Has The Best Colleges and Universities

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. Oxford, Cambridge, and University College London are exceptional educational institutions. The Q.S. World University Rankings include 76 UK-based institutions. Some of the best British universities are listed below.

● University of Oxford: Ranked Number Five in the World

● Cambridge University: Ranked Number Six in the World

● The University College of London (UCL): Ranked Number Tenth in the World

● Imperial College, London: Ranked Number Eighth in the World

● Edinburgh, Scotland’s University: Ranked Number Eighteenth in the World

Academic courses available for international students

Students from any discipline can find various exciting and rewarding options to pursue. In the best U.K. universities, you can study anything from the arts to engineering to computer science to social science. What follows is a list of the most sought-after majors at U.K. universities among international students:

● Culture, History, and Art

● Engineering and Technology

● Education in the Biological and Health Sciences, as well as in Medicine

● Social sciences

● Natural sciences

Oxford and Cambridge are the best universities in the world for the arts, humanities, engineering, and technology. In addition to a solid theoretical foundation, these schools provide unique research resources to their overseas students.

What are the tuition costs in the U.K. for international students?

U.K. colleges and universities impose two distinct forms of tuition. These are “home student fees” for students from the United Kingdom and the European Union and “international student fees” for students outside the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Tuition for students from the United Kingdom and the European Union is capped at £9250 a year for undergraduate study at publicly funded institutions in the United Kingdom. However, this varies considerably by institution and major. In addition, University, research council, and career sponsorship programs offer domestic students financial aid.

Undergraduate tuition for students outside the United Kingdom and the European Union typically begins at 10,000 GBP for lecture-based programs. It can reach as high as 38,000 GBP for specialized programs in Medicine and engineering. Tuition for graduate school can range anywhere from 11,00 to 32,00 GBP, with the higher end being associated with more hands-on, practical courses like laboratories.

Scholarship schemes for international students

Information about scholarships offered by the British Council and other organizations can be found on the official U.K. government web pages for academics. You should always review the overview of your nation’s support system and scholarships before applying to one of your preferred universities in the U.K. The only drawback of scholarship programs in the United Kingdom is that they are mostly geared toward graduate study rather than undergraduate education. For such details, speak to your U.K. study visa consultants in Hyderabad

For international students, we have compiled a list of government and non-government scholarships.

● Chevening Awards in the United Kingdom

● Awards from the Commonwealth

● Commonwealth Student Exchange Scholarships in the United Kingdom

● Scholarships for Advanced Study in the Humanities at the Johns Hopkins University

● Euraxess UK

● The CastleSmart Endowed Award

Employment Prospects for international students

As of 1 July 2021, international graduates can apply to remain in the U.K. under the “New Graduate Route.” After finishing their bachelor’s or master’s degree in the U.K., international students are allowed to remain in the country for a further two years to seek employment there. A three-year grace period is granted to those with a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Students who wish to use the Graduate Route must submit a new visa application each year and pay a total of £1,324 (£700 visa fee + £624 Immigration Health Surcharge), said one of the noted U.K. study visa consultants in Hyderabad. 

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