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5 Common Myths You Should Need To Know About Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is one of the most favoured and practical immigration methods granting permanent residence in Canada.

It is an online platform for processing applications from skilled professionals seeking immigration to Canada. And, this can be easy when you take help of Canada work visa consultancies in Hyderabad. The program allows applications for three Federal Immigration programs and enables applicants worldwide to submit their immigration petitions to Canada. Those who wish to immigrate to Canada and intend to remain there permanently must adhere to the requirements for immigration to Canada.

The whole procedure is digital and needs to be finished through the official portal of the Canadian government. On the portal, a profile must be built with information on training, employment history, and other pertinent abilities. These qualities aid in earning points in the Canadian government’s point-based system to evaluate applicants’ eligibility.

As its name suggests, Express Entry offers a quicker and easier way to become a permanent resident of Canada. However, many people have false notions about this program and this article will alter your misconceptions concerning Canada Express Entry if you have any.

Myth 1: to obtain a Canadian economic immigration visa, you must use Express Entry

Truth – Although it is not the only method to get work or employment visa from Canada PR agents in Hyderabad , Express Entry oversees and manages most Federal economic immigration programs. 

Eleven Canadian provinces and territories, such as the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), offer additional methods. Candidate selection by the PNP is solely based on a candidate’s qualifications, such as education, employment history, skills, and marketability.

Candidates who must successfully navigate the Express Entry system choose the PNP program. Quebec’s immigration policies and timelines are unique to that province. It is free to choose whom it wants to nominate for Quebec PR.

Myth 2: If you are chosen for the Express Entry program, you have endless time to apply for permanent residence.

Truth – As an Express Entry candidate, a deadline will be set for you within which to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

After being chosen for the Express Entry program, applicants are sent an ITA (Invitation to Apply), which offers them the opportunity to submit a PR application. After receipt of the invitation, the response application to the ITA must be submitted and returned within 60 days. Documents proving your identity, education, employment history, and employee references are necessary.

Myth 3: To enter the Express Entry Pool, you need to have received a job offer.

Truth: It’s not required to set up a job or have an offer of employment. 

Possessing a job offer is usually advantageous because it increases the likelihood that your application will be accepted. If you work for a company with headquarters in Canada, it might directly impact your application on a good day. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), a component of the Express Entry system, is the only metric used to analyze the application you submit. You can apply for provincial nomination or strengthen your application if you need extra points for having a Canadian company sponsor you elucidated Canada PR visa agencies in Hyderabad.

Myth 4: No changes can be made to the Express Entry profile.

Truth: The Express Entry profile can be edited

You can make the appropriate adjustments while your application is still in the Express Entry pool. The profile needs to be updated with the most recent information on the significant criteria. The elements of the CRS system, such as the amount of education, work experience, and language ability, will immediately add to the points.

Myth 5: The most straightforward way to immigrate to Canada is through Express Entry.

Truth: Although the evaluation process for Express Entry is rigorous and unbending, it is pretty simple. 

For many prospective immigrants, Express Entry has made moving to a new country simple, but the procedure for processing applications could be more lenient and accommodating. The Canadian government upholds tight standards when deciding who qualifies for and receives PR visas. To meet the market’s needs, the program is primarily concerned with the economic immigration of applicants. Nonetheless, the reviewing procedure will always be the same, regardless of the processing time.

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