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Your rights in the US as a temporary worker

Those who want to travel and work briefly in the US use the USA Work Visa. To be qualified to apply for a temporary work visa in the USA, applicants must meet a list of requirements for US visas and submit the required documentation and also know their rights and obligations for a smooth working after getting your US work visa from US employment visa consultants in Hyderabad .

Your Rights and Obligations

The US government grants temporary workers several rights. They are shielded from abuse and exploitation and are free to exercise these rights without suffering consequences. If someone violates your rights while you are in the US and you report it, your visa will not be revoked, and as long as it is still valid, you cannot be forced to leave the country by the government.

You are also entitled to request a stay extension if the inspectors from Homeland Security and other departments grant you entry into the US. The Embassy must extend your visa if it has already expired for you to remain in the nation. 

Your immediate family members are eligible for the same visa category you have.

If you have an H visa, your family members can apply for an H-4 visa.

Your dependents should apply for an L-2 visa if you have an L visa.

Spouses and kids on O visas should apply for an O-3 visa.

The spouse and children of a P visa holder should apply for a P-4 visa.

Q visa holders, their spouses, and their kids should apply for a Q-3 visa.

What is an application for labour conditions?

A company must submit a Labour Conditions Application (LCA) or Certification to the US Department of Labour to hire a foreign worker. By signing the LCA, a company is granted the authority to hire and sponsor visas for foreign nationals who are not US citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (LPR).

According to the LCA, a US worker wasn’t available, qualified, or willing to fill that position, so the company had to hire a foreign worker. Additionally, it guarantees that the foreign worker won’t experience discrimination or an unfavourable work environment and that their salary will be comparable to that of a US worker.

What is an employment petition exactly?

When a US business wants to sponsor a foreign worker for an employment visa, the company must submit an employment petition. Details about the job title, pay scale, and the foreign worker’s credentials are included in the petition, which is delivered to USCIS for processing.

The processing and sponsorship fees must also be paid by the US employer who has submitted the employment petition. A Labour Certification Application (LCA) from the Department of Labour must also be attached, as well as documentation demonstrating the company’s ability to pay a foreign worker and that all taxes have been paid.

What is an Employment Authorization Document?

Those with US non-immigrant visas cannot begin working until they have a work permit. An Employment Authorization Document (EAD), also known as a work permit for the United States, may be obtained as soon as your visa has been granted.

As long as your visa is still in effect, you can legally work for any US company with the EAD. If they meet the requirements, your spouse may also be granted an EAD. Once the visa has been extended or renewed, you must also apply to renew your EAD. 

Interview is the key

The US Embassy will decide whether or not to grant you a visa based on information from your interview and the DS-160 form. You must arrive at the interview on time, dressed appropriately, and armed with all the required paperwork said US migration visa agents in Hyderabad . 


Additionally, you must respond to all inquiries as entirely as you can while always providing accurate information. If you do that, your visa application will be rejected because visa interviewers are trained to recognize when someone is giving false information. To avoid this, get proper information from trusted US work visa agencies in Hyderabad .