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Latest Top 5 Facts About New Work Visa for Germany

There are over 1.70 million job opportunities in Germany’s labor market. Professionals with specialized skills are in high demand across all industries and businesses. The availability of skilled workers is at an all-time low. And this is the best time to get your work visa from the Germany work visa consultants in Hyderabad.  

Recently, Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that changing the German visa process could require “turning it upside down”. She held a press conference at the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs (BfAA).

With Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Foreign Minister discussed improving the efficiency and digitization of Germany’s immigration system.

A change in German immigration legislation will make it simpler for non-EU third-country nationals to work in Germany. The country intends to hire competent foreign employees outside the European Union.

How will Germany recruit skilled workers from outside the EU?

Germany is attempting to address the skilled worker shortage with a new Chancenkarte, meaning the “opportunity card,” which was initially unveiled in September 2022. The Bill was adopted at the end of November 2022, when it was still in development, and gave more opportunities for Indians and others to get their visa from Germany employment visa agencies in Hyderabad.

The new German immigration system, based on points, will make it simpler for non-EU immigrants to work in the nation.

A work offer from Germany is optional. The German Chancenkarte is intended for skilled foreign workers who still need a work contract in Germany.

What is Germany’s chance card?

Germany will establish a new points-based immigration system by the end of 2023 to draw more foreign talent. The new Germany immigration track will be in addition to the currently available immigration alternatives.

The Germany points-based opportunity card – Chancenkarte – is designed for qualified foreign employees who desire to relocate to Germany but are still looking for work in Germany. Such multinational specialists are permitted to work in Germany for up to a year. There is no necessity to have a work contract.

The Chancenkarte differs from the German Job Seeker in two significant ways. While the Chancenkarte provides for a stay of up to a year, the Germany JSV is only valid for six months. Furthermore, a job seeker visa in Germany allows you to look for work. You cannot work in Germany while on a Job Seeker Visa. The Opportunity Card, however, will enable you to work part-time or even try out for short-term positions.

What is Germany’s new point-based system?

• Educational qualifications 

• Professional work experience 

• Language skills 

A yearly quota will be determined based on which industries in Germany require labor.

A Chancenkarte is issued based on four criteria. To apply, three out of four of these criteria must be met. You should –

  1. Possess a German-recognized degree or vocational training.
  2. Have a minimum of three years of professional experience
  3. Demonstrate competency in German or previous residence in Germany.
  4. You must be under the age of 35.

What efforts will be implemented to facilitate the employment of foreign employees in Germany?

Most non-EU nationals must first receive a job offer in Germany before coming there. While a Germany Job Seeker visa is available, the proposed Germany Opportunity Card will make it easier and faster for foreign employees to find jobs in Germany.

Applications for Chancenkarte are expected to open by the end of 2023.

The BfAA will process 25,000 German visa applications for highly skilled personnel and their families in 2022. Following staff increase, the number is predicted to reach 100,000 each year by 2024.

Is the Chancenkarte Germany’s equivalent of the US Green Card?

Annual quotations will be available for the US Green Card and the Chancenkarte. Nonetheless, the German system’s selection criteria will be different.

Furthermore, with a Green Card, you can enter the US directly, as in the case of an immigrant relative. With an opportunity card, you must first travel to Germany in pursuit of work. If you are still looking for a job within the permitted one year, you must leave Germany.

Like the US Green Card, you can apply for permanent residency in Germany and German citizenship after a few years with the help of Germany work visa consultants in Hyderabad.