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Your Guide to Getting a German Study Visa in Hyderabad

Germany, the land of Marx, Nietzsche, and various thinkers and philosophers. The land of eye-catching Volkswagen, ravishing automobiles of Audi, Porsche, Mercedes among multiple others. A land blessed with diverse culture and history. Germany is one of the top sought countries for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees by the Indian Education Sector. Germany offers very low to no tuition costs, hundreds of different courses to choose from, a broad and importance adhered to research and skill-oriented learning, no compulsory requirement of knowing German to learn, and world-class industries to explore and do some on-field learning. Student Visa enables twenty work hours to take up internships part-time jobs, which help in one way more than the other. Above all of these, every place in Germany offers you different kinds of fun. You can visit so many areas of historical importance, many fun sports to see, and so much more. With all that said, if you’re ready to move to Germany, then delay no further and approach a leading Germany study visa consultant, Hyderabad.

Learning Abroad is the dream of many students across the country. The challenges we face in a different country often help us grow, and a new experience builds us personally. It teaches us how to live on ourselves to keep tabs on our finances and be independent and make decisions. However, we all stumble about how and what we must apply for further studies abroad.

Why choose Germany?

1. Best in Class universities

2. Low cost of living

3. Safest country

4. Blooming Economy

5. Worldwide recognition of German degrees.

6. Post-study work Visa and PR possible.

Do the study Germany education visa consultants in Hyderabad offer counseling sessions for students?

Yes. The expert counselors at the Germany education via consultants in Hyderabad are known for their counseling sessions, ensuring that the student is comfortable with the admission process. The counseling sessions also cover providing assistance, reviewing, and submitting applications.

How do Germany education visa consultants in Hyderabad work?

1. Profile Assessment and Enhancement

2. Shortlisting Universities

3. Preparing Application documents

4. Financial Planning

5. Interview Planning

6. Visa counseling

4. Pre-departure Orientation

Education System in Germany

There are over 1,000 programs on offer in Germany that are taught in English, increasing over time. The various programs available in German Institutions nurture and develop the best in the students, training them to encourage an open mind, logical skills, develop creativity and self-reliance. Education Institutions in Germany are famous for having campuses with students from diverse backgrounds. The education Institution offers its students various options to study in Germany: full-time, part-time, evening program distance, and e-Learning.

Germany Student Visa

Whether you are an Indian student or an international student, you need to have a student visa if you’re planning to do your further studies in Germany. You will need to contact the German local embassy or consulate in your home country to do this. Three types of visas are intended for persons intending to carry out education in Germany.

1. Language Course Visa (Visa for Language Learning): For educational activities lasting three months to 1 year, to take part in short German language courses.

2. Student Applicant Visa (Visum Zur Studienbewerbung): If you want to study in Germany but try to find the right program or don’t have a letter of confirmation from your university.

3. Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken): If you have already been accepted to a German Education Provider.

Entry requirements for studying in Germany

Each university or learning institution sets its admission requirements for international students, but generally, applicants must have:

Undergraduate Programs:

 High School (Grade 12) or equivalent with a minimum average score of 60%

 IELTS score of 6.0 overall, with at least 5.5 in each band (waivers available)

Postgraduate Programs:

 A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with a minimum average score of 60%

IELTS score of 6.5 overall, with at least 6.0 in each band (waivers available)

Note: English proficiency and academic requirements may vary depending upon the course and university.

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