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We Help You With UK, Europe Study Process In Hyderabad – Know more

An outline about UK education:

The UK always has the best universities like Russell group and the most prestigious and old universities like Oxford and Cambridge and education from these universities is recognized worldwide in high grades. The UK has around 3000 universities that give you a broad list to choose from. Your UK study visa consultants, Hyderabad will give the best details about each university in detail. It is estimated that every year approximately one-fourth million international students get an education in the UK which speaks about the extreme diversity and open-minded culture of the students here and you can be one among this education culture too.

An outline about Europe education:

Unlike the education system in any other country, Europe facilitates the globe’s most flexible system that individuals can opt from any specialization depending on their area of interest. There are many Europe study visa consultants, Hyderabad who can walk you through all these details. Europe’s education system is not centralized and so every institution has the feasibility to regulate their courses and admission process and standards. Above all, there is a feasibility for lateral movement in education at any point in time.

Education financials in the UK:

The fee in the UK is a bit on the higher grounds compared to other countries’ fee structures. However, it is to be observed that course duration in UK educational universities is short compared to others like an undergraduate degree takes only 3 years whereas it is 4 years elsewhere and if it’s a master program, it takes only 2 years instead of 3 years elsewhere. Home students enjoy free fee education, unlike international students. Yet there are few scholarships available for international students too for which students must exhibit good leadership skills in all means like political, media, business and academic. The usual fee is in the range of £10,000–£20,000 for an engineering degree and around £20,000–£30,000 for clinical education. The scholarships can aid to around £1000–£6000.

Education financials in Europe:

The fee structure in Europe differs from country to country but is comparatively less. While the benefits for residents/locals is more; international students also enjoy no tuition fee in many countries like France. Apart from that, the actual fee per semester is less than 1000 EUR in government universities. However, the tuition fee in private universities ranges from as low as government universities to as high as around 20,000 EUR. To specifically mention, France offers free education and so students are to only pay for their food and accommodation. International students still have the benefit of scholarships as in any other country. Some countries also have a work permit for students and their dependents with no extra effort. Choose a university from any European country depending on your area of interest, fee structure, scholarships, available eligibility work permit, etc. Some universities in Europe offer scholarships as high as 10,000 EUR for international students with exceptional performance.

Career prospects in the UK:

The UK is the most powerful economy and has fierce competition for candidates. But opportunity doors are always open for the right candidate with good qualifications and skills. Language skills and experience are added benefits. The UK has a diversified job sector and convenient working conditions that make it the most chosen option for many internationals who are planning to kick start their career. Also, students can benefit from the university placements giving them a chance for 8 -12 months of internship.

Career prospects in Europe:

Austria is the best place among other European countries for its strong and stable economy supported by many SMEs. Some industries have a shortage of employees giving a chance for workers in sectors like construction, graduate nurses, data processing, power engineering, roofers, mechanical engineering, etc. France is the world’s 3rd in terms of development and the students can stay back post-education for employment in the top companies like Capgemini, Renault, etc. Germany stands out as the best and biggest advanced country technologically procuring machinery, chemicals and vehicles. The opportunities in this country are vast and spread across various sectors like green energy, automotive, Metals, electrical equipment, ships, pharmaceuticals, clothing, plastic, etc.

With all the details mentioned chose a country and approach the best UK study visa consultant or Europe immigration consultants, Hyderabad and start your future. We Visa Tech Overseas can assist you with visa process located in Hyderabad.

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